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i don”t wanna brag, but….why the hell that every time after i made a report to tmnet customer support…and all of the sudden, i got my connection back…hmmm



Forum is Up!

what the hell??!!! suddenly i can access my blog again…muahahahaha

this is the luckiest day of my life[sarcastically] . let me see, how many days since i last write anything? 4 days already…hmnot bad, so what did i do during the 4 days la? hahaha as if i can remember

arr, basically i”ve been downloading [woops] and watching ANIMES non-stop, muahaha

im so addicted to anime, im an otaku ? anythingla..let see, i watched juuni kokki ep 6-16, damn! i didnt manage to get ep 17 coz suddenly all the fansubbers stop distributing it, why ? coz it got licenced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!damn it u mediablaze or whoever that licenced it, why do u hav to do that ?!!! thats like the best anime ever!!!! i heard there”re around 39 episodes and , *tisk* oh well, looks like i hav to wait till they release the dvd, and that will take them forever~~ shucks eps 16 is like gettin into the climax already and all of the sudden all the anime irc channels topic were “JK LICENCED” the first thing got into my mind was DAMN IT U FOOL

well well…off to watch another anime that is hehehehe, nothing will stop me watching”gundam seed” yup yup i though of watching something different, i”ve been watching all those lovey lovey, comedy hoo-haa, kawaii animesnow its time for mecha mecha stuff… gundam <— u didnt dissapoint me one bit! just wanna say the animation, and the songs are awesome!! subarashi!!??? sugoi?!!!!!gundam opened a whole new dimension of the way i watch animes

man…im getting carried away, stop it !! enough already, episode 14 is on the way and there’re 52 episodes in total!

anywayzzz…..besides watching animes, i did manage to upload phpnuke+bb everyone and i mean every each of you out there is invited to the sheep forums come one come all…….invite your friends too kay 😉 you can discuss anything u like there….hehehe

my router”s fixed …thank god, i thought that ss2 shop was goin to take forever to get it fixed…but now my connection is shared 😦 no more monipolying..speed decreases*need fibre optics* that way i can watch more animes :p …*it can”t be helped* while im busy downloadin animes, my brother’s also busy d/l skatevidz…indeed *this is the life*

b4 i forget…Arsenal FC v Liverpool Fcrap….is goin to start in about 1.30hour or Chris Kirkland, let see what Arsenal are capable of..Arsenal are yet to buy anyone…strange..they really need a goally

Ja mata~….

-sHizuKanA y0rUn|-


it is very wise not to get involve with other people’s problem

damn bored to the max, took some silly picturesheres moo and my stress stress

Old Man

eh…woke up early this morning, actually yesterday laa [saturday], not because i was suddenly rajin or anything, its just that i had dental appointment at 10.40amit didn’t go that good though, that old orthodontic ?[spelling] was a real piss! i hate that old grey guy, yea yea im wearing braces..that guy said “kena pakai rubber band ye, if u dont wear it 5 tahun pun tak kan habis” foolish..i’ve been wearing all the time laa u fool! not 24/7 ofcourse but yeah always! takkan nak pakai while im eating kut.u’re just trying to suck my money! as if i dont know! hahaha..i said “pakai” he said “yea u come here u wear but dalam rumah tak pakai” kepala hotak ko berjambul!and then he said somemore “kids these days dont tell lies laa okay” perkkhhhGG!!whatever laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…bengang aku ngan orang tua nih

anywaysss, didnt go out anywhere today, well just keluar beli makan kat mcd drive in…noone was at homesemua keluar tgk wayang laa itu laa ini i bought mcvalue chicken nugget, twister fries, mcflurry oreo[fav] habis makin berjerawat laa…har har i dont give a damn. aku nak makan jugak! :Phm..the weather today wasnt that pleasant,,hujan and had to turn off the comp..what i hate is my pc takes like 5 minutes to boot..dsl sometimes okay sometimes takall depends on luck..i need fibre optics ahh and the server was down couple of times today…my host was installing some firewall thinggy.boring boring..kite tengok anime!!! watched “juuni kokki” episode 6 to 10 ..this anime is my hot pick! gonna make a review on this one soonepisode 11 is on the way..lepas tu boleh continue to episode 16 🙂 .the plot is excellent!

and here goes Arsenal FC 5 Farnborough 1

Gallery Added

added the gallery !!!! now this site is better than communityzero or what! hahaha

much better!


Assalammualaikum,hey holla……

My first ever blog cum personal website actually works now!!! well well, alhamdulillah coz all this long hour finally paid off…arr my grammar sucks so, ignore them as you will…played WE6 as usual with my bro…that’s the best game ever!!!hey, i bought other games too, onimusha1&2, shinobi, KH, FFX …but WE6 still beat the ass out of them!pape pun…every time main selalu kalah..hahaha

my luck…

Catching Up

biri biri reporting in, heyy…wassupamacam , semayang jumaat tak tadi ?? hahaha kantoii.. 😛

yes yes…as u can see my blog sekarang is not a part of the main page anymore. didnt know making a blog is too much of a hassle…heh, first i missed the -br- tag, then the archiving part pastu the comment part…well its for everyone”s benefit…yeah yeah watched techtv this noon, whoaa even Chris Pirillo has his own blog!! hahaha, a geeky one too terer laa pulak sampai kena nominated for bloggie award..

i kinda like this layout, its simple, clean [simple & clean – lalalalala] , the colors used are soft & smooth ?pape larr…i think i”ll keep this layout ;)went to k-lite”s forum….and there”s a new build for k-lite hehehe…yesterday i downloaded k-lite rc2 and today rc3 came out..perghhk-lite members, u da man!! hmm….

kalau dapat support from my friends i”ll open a forum soon i really miss my old bangsarian friends… anyway streamyx is giving me a real headache!!! why can”t u offer a decent service!! upload speed higher than download speed, now thats weird!

news – marcos wants to join arsenal , we have another world cup winner, pleading to join arsenal..i really didnt know arsenal were going to be this successful when i got my first jersey [1994] from my dad..arsenal sponsored by jvc,adidas back then arsenal supporters are damn loyal, hihihihihihi i”ll never support any team but arsenal..damn…i still got 5-6 more months [?]