Catching Up

biri biri reporting in, heyy…wassupamacam , semayang jumaat tak tadi ?? hahaha kantoii.. 😛

yes yes…as u can see my blog sekarang is not a part of the main page anymore. didnt know making a blog is too much of a hassle…heh, first i missed the -br- tag, then the archiving part pastu the comment part…well its for everyone”s benefit…yeah yeah watched techtv this noon, whoaa even Chris Pirillo has his own blog!! hahaha, a geeky one too terer laa pulak sampai kena nominated for bloggie award..

i kinda like this layout, its simple, clean [simple & clean – lalalalala] , the colors used are soft & smooth ?pape larr…i think i”ll keep this layout ;)went to k-lite”s forum….and there”s a new build for k-lite hehehe…yesterday i downloaded k-lite rc2 and today rc3 came out..perghhk-lite members, u da man!! hmm….

kalau dapat support from my friends i”ll open a forum soon i really miss my old bangsarian friends… anyway streamyx is giving me a real headache!!! why can”t u offer a decent service!! upload speed higher than download speed, now thats weird!

news – marcos wants to join arsenal , we have another world cup winner, pleading to join arsenal..i really didnt know arsenal were going to be this successful when i got my first jersey [1994] from my dad..arsenal sponsored by jvc,adidas back then arsenal supporters are damn loyal, hihihihihihi i”ll never support any team but arsenal..damn…i still got 5-6 more months [?]


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