Old Man

eh…woke up early this morning, actually yesterday laa [saturday], not because i was suddenly rajin or anything, its just that i had dental appointment at 10.40amit didn’t go that good though, that old orthodontic ?[spelling] was a real piss! i hate that old grey guy, yea yea im wearing braces..that guy said “kena pakai rubber band ye, if u dont wear it 5 tahun pun tak kan habis” foolish..i’ve been wearing all the time laa u fool! not 24/7 ofcourse but yeah always! takkan nak pakai while im eating kut.u’re just trying to suck my money! as if i dont know! hahaha..i said “pakai” he said “yea u come here u wear but dalam rumah tak pakai” kepala hotak ko berjambul!and then he said somemore “kids these days dont tell lies laa okay” perkkhhhGG!!whatever laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…bengang aku ngan orang tua nih

anywaysss, didnt go out anywhere today, well just keluar beli makan kat mcd drive in…noone was at homesemua keluar tgk wayang laa itu laa ini laa..so i bought mcvalue chicken nugget, twister fries, mcflurry oreo[fav] habis makin berjerawat laa…har har i dont give a damn. aku nak makan jugak! :Phm..the weather today wasnt that pleasant,,hujan and had to turn off the comp..what i hate is my pc takes like 5 minutes to boot..dsl sometimes okay sometimes takall depends on luck..i need fibre optics ahh and the server was down couple of times today…my host was installing some firewall thinggy.boring boring..kite tengok anime!!! watched “juuni kokki” episode 6 to 10 ..this anime is my hot pick! gonna make a review on this one soonepisode 11 is on the way..lepas tu boleh continue to episode 16 🙂 .the plot is excellent!

and here goes Arsenal FC 5 Farnborough 1


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