Forum is Up!

what the hell??!!! suddenly i can access my blog again…muahahahaha

this is the luckiest day of my life[sarcastically] . let me see, how many days since i last write anything? 4 days already…hmnot bad, so what did i do during the 4 days la? hahaha as if i can remember

arr, basically i”ve been downloading [woops] and watching ANIMES non-stop, muahaha

im so addicted to anime, im an otaku ? anythingla..let see, i watched juuni kokki ep 6-16, damn! i didnt manage to get ep 17 coz suddenly all the fansubbers stop distributing it, why ? coz it got licenced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!damn it u mediablaze or whoever that licenced it, why do u hav to do that ?!!! thats like the best anime ever!!!! i heard there”re around 39 episodes and , *tisk* oh well, looks like i hav to wait till they release the dvd, and that will take them forever~~ shucks eps 16 is like gettin into the climax already and all of the sudden all the anime irc channels topic were “JK LICENCED” the first thing got into my mind was DAMN IT U FOOL

well well…off to watch another anime that is hehehehe, nothing will stop me watching”gundam seed” yup yup i though of watching something different, i”ve been watching all those lovey lovey, comedy hoo-haa, kawaii animesnow its time for mecha mecha stuff… gundam <— u didnt dissapoint me one bit! just wanna say the animation, and the songs are awesome!! subarashi!!??? sugoi?!!!!!gundam opened a whole new dimension of the way i watch animes

man…im getting carried away, stop it !! enough already, episode 14 is on the way and there’re 52 episodes in total!

anywayzzz…..besides watching animes, i did manage to upload phpnuke+bb everyone and i mean every each of you out there is invited to the sheep forums come one come all…….invite your friends too kay 😉 you can discuss anything u like there….hehehe

my router”s fixed …thank god, i thought that ss2 shop was goin to take forever to get it fixed…but now my connection is shared 😦 no more monipolying..speed decreases*need fibre optics* that way i can watch more animes :p …*it can”t be helped* while im busy downloadin animes, my brother’s also busy d/l skatevidz…indeed *this is the life*

b4 i forget…Arsenal FC v Liverpool Fcrap….is goin to start in about 1.30hour or Chris Kirkland, let see what Arsenal are capable of..Arsenal are yet to buy anyone…strange..they really need a goally

Ja mata~….

-sHizuKanA y0rUn|-


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