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Downloading – Full Metal Panic 20 & 21

Sending – Gundam Seed 20Listening – Tomorrow ( FMP OP theme)

watched galaxy angels – 5, totemo totemo okashii desuu………………i don”t know why but ever since i moved here, the places that are good to eat at are secret recipe and sampan. the rest are either too damn expensive and taste horrible or just plain horrible. why? all they care about is money? they should really watch “cooking master boy” and learn from Mao how to cook ^-^

im complainin coz i just ate at “rasta” .ordered fried rice..damn it tasted bad! well actually…it was tasteless! ttdi is definitely not the place recommend to anyone(for food)after all the hype and reviews, i got me devil may cry 2..yeah so i read it ended badly and the game’ll make you cry..what the heck..i just love buying new games..i wonder when am i actually gonna play ’em..played shinobi once,haven’t touched onimusha2 and now dmc2..

downloaded the latest nightly build for miranda and other latest aim is working like it should be..which means im connected to msn,y!,icq and aim..only thing left is irc..another problem though…the file transfer doesnt work for me..when am i gonna update the other pages ??


Staying Up

just finished watching some korean movie called “volcano high” …and to be frank that movie sucks to da max!! all wannabes with super powers matrix like, heh pathetic..only one word is enuff to describe it.. POYO! ..and POYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

didn”t really sleep last night…stayed up late coz wanted to watch arsenal v what did i do to make my eyes open ?? full metal panic from eps 7-11 i think.that anime is not too bad..s

o anywayz as i expected..arsenal were having a hard game playing against young ajax. dutch clubs are something special..they produce world class players..and they let these players go..reason? can”t offer money to these players..when i mean young ajax i mean..overal players with the age of 25 and below..wahahahaha…put the current ajax team and malaysia…like earth and sky… :Þ

neways streamyx was down momentarily just now..just for a short period…used that time to defrag my 2 hard downloading gundam seed – 20 from bit torrent, get backers – 4 from irc.. missed watching galaxy angels…hmmmmmmmm

What”s in a name?

‘Hisyam as a first name gives you a very independent nature, yet you are friendly, approachable, and generous. You can be a spontaneous, expressive, and talkative person. Generally you are good-natured, though at times you can be rather blunt and sarcastic. This name incorporates creative, artistic, and musical abilities, and there would be an element of originality in all that you do. You like to do things on the spur of the moment without planning or prior arrangements. Your spirits are buoyed up greatly by encouragement and appreciation. There is a tendency to be scattering in your efforts and you prefer to avoid menial jobs of a routine and repetitive nature. You are inclined to pursue good times and emotional indulgences to excess. Weaknesses in health due to the influence of this name centre in the head. You could experience headaches, or difficulties with your teeth, ears, eyes, or sinuses. Disorders related to the liver, which would be aggravated by rich foods, could also arise.While the first name of Hisyam has some constructive qualities, it has characteristics that undermine your long-term happiness and success in life.

Kabalarians so called philosophy taken from here

Slow days

yosh~!! hehe thats the only word to describe it i think..well after countless hours, i”ve overdid it again :Þ . yes yes, this is my new layout, i called it “kawaiiness .v1″ hehehe

designing layout and stuff, which has anything to do with graphics ain”t my thing. this is just another copy & paste material..anything thats the reason i”ve been “away” from this the moment there”s not much content yet. it will be there soon..Having troubles with the site, my host is having issues with the tmnet and timenet”s dns”s

well for those who”re using the 2 isp’s …you”ll notice that sometimes my site’s down. damn, stupid isp’s and you guys are singing sayang IT, cinta IT, but this kinda problem also you guys can’t handle,”s been pretty bored at the moment. most of my collegue friend’s have left to australia. no more street soccer it seems.why can’t i be there with them too ? im doing nothing here. maybe its my fault for not doing anything..can’t be helped coz its hard to do anything when u”re not doing anything…well, not actually..i did something on my site didn’t i?insya allah i’ll continue my studies there this july, hopefully.

alot of sites i normally go went down, makin me even bored k-lite”s forum and miranda”s plugin page hav been down for a few days already..the good thing is , isn”t hehehe

i think every malaysian should get a paid host from

Everything Changes

site will be totally revamped soon- new layout- new and improved forums [ if possible ]

AnimeLand Here I Come!

gone to animeland

Consistency is the Key


Arsenal drew with Liverpool 2-2 and i missed that match

well i did watch the replay but it’ll never be the same. i know Arsenal played really well but football is not just about skills, it has to do abit about luck too. Yup, Liverpool were lucky to escape with a point.Although i really thought they didnt deserve it. Afta Liverpool, it was Fulham, Arsenal won 2-1 and that match it was Arsenal”s turn to be the lucky team. You can really tell when Arsenal are not playing in their best. Watched only the first half coz i know it was not Arsenal’s game that night. Instead, i opened 4thegame”s website and follow the match there. Was quite suprised………Arsenal won, courtesy of Robert Pires”s double goal.To tell you the truth, i have ever since put my faith on this guy after marc overmars left. I knew he was something. Jeffer”s hopeless.Bah, english players..

went to midvalley this weekend, bought WE6 FE,[ yeah the best football game gets better ]. passed by speedy videos and had a look at the dvds. paused at the anime section. *blink* *blink* damn!!! they”re selling it cheap!!! i gotta have my hands on those anime dvds man!!! Ai Yori Aoishi got my first intension. Most of them were selling below RM50. *checked walley* only had RM20 or so…daym..just have to buy it some other day. It”s not like i”ve not watch it already. ^-^ Since the dvds are cheap, why not buy it? *moved to the left* hmm..anime OST.. Speedy has a good choice in bringing all the anime dvds and OST in m”sia, way da go!went up to Salem *check anime dvds* *blink* *blink* DAMN!!!!!!!!!! RM100 + + ..blood sucking ass shop. *never go there again*