Consistency is the Key


Arsenal drew with Liverpool 2-2 and i missed that match

well i did watch the replay but it’ll never be the same. i know Arsenal played really well but football is not just about skills, it has to do abit about luck too. Yup, Liverpool were lucky to escape with a point.Although i really thought they didnt deserve it. Afta Liverpool, it was Fulham, Arsenal won 2-1 and that match it was Arsenal”s turn to be the lucky team. You can really tell when Arsenal are not playing in their best. Watched only the first half coz i know it was not Arsenal’s game that night. Instead, i opened 4thegame”s website and follow the match there. Was quite suprised………Arsenal won, courtesy of Robert Pires”s double goal.To tell you the truth, i have ever since put my faith on this guy after marc overmars left. I knew he was something. Jeffer”s hopeless.Bah, english players..

went to midvalley this weekend, bought WE6 FE,[ yeah the best football game gets better ]. passed by speedy videos and had a look at the dvds. paused at the anime section. *blink* *blink* damn!!! they”re selling it cheap!!! i gotta have my hands on those anime dvds man!!! Ai Yori Aoishi got my first intension. Most of them were selling below RM50. *checked walley* only had RM20 or so…daym..just have to buy it some other day. It”s not like i”ve not watch it already. ^-^ Since the dvds are cheap, why not buy it? *moved to the left* hmm..anime OST.. Speedy has a good choice in bringing all the anime dvds and OST in m”sia, way da go!went up to Salem *check anime dvds* *blink* *blink* DAMN!!!!!!!!!! RM100 + + ..blood sucking ass shop. *never go there again*

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