Slow days

yosh~!! hehe thats the only word to describe it i think..well after countless hours, i”ve overdid it again :Þ . yes yes, this is my new layout, i called it “kawaiiness .v1″ hehehe

designing layout and stuff, which has anything to do with graphics ain”t my thing. this is just another copy & paste material..anything thats the reason i”ve been “away” from this the moment there”s not much content yet. it will be there soon..Having troubles with the site, my host is having issues with the tmnet and timenet”s dns”s

well for those who”re using the 2 isp’s …you”ll notice that sometimes my site’s down. damn, stupid isp’s and you guys are singing sayang IT, cinta IT, but this kinda problem also you guys can’t handle,”s been pretty bored at the moment. most of my collegue friend’s have left to australia. no more street soccer it seems.why can’t i be there with them too ? im doing nothing here. maybe its my fault for not doing anything..can’t be helped coz its hard to do anything when u”re not doing anything…well, not actually..i did something on my site didn’t i?insya allah i’ll continue my studies there this july, hopefully.

alot of sites i normally go went down, makin me even bored k-lite”s forum and miranda”s plugin page hav been down for a few days already..the good thing is , isn”t hehehe

i think every malaysian should get a paid host from


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