Staying Up

just finished watching some korean movie called “volcano high” …and to be frank that movie sucks to da max!! all wannabes with super powers matrix like, heh pathetic..only one word is enuff to describe it.. POYO! ..and POYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

didn”t really sleep last night…stayed up late coz wanted to watch arsenal v what did i do to make my eyes open ?? full metal panic from eps 7-11 i think.that anime is not too bad..s

o anywayz as i expected..arsenal were having a hard game playing against young ajax. dutch clubs are something special..they produce world class players..and they let these players go..reason? can”t offer money to these players..when i mean young ajax i mean..overal players with the age of 25 and below..wahahahaha…put the current ajax team and malaysia…like earth and sky… :Þ

neways streamyx was down momentarily just now..just for a short period…used that time to defrag my 2 hard downloading gundam seed – 20 from bit torrent, get backers – 4 from irc.. missed watching galaxy angels…hmmmmmmmm

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