Downloading – Full Metal Panic 20 & 21

Sending – Gundam Seed 20Listening – Tomorrow ( FMP OP theme)

watched galaxy angels – 5, totemo totemo okashii desuu………………i don”t know why but ever since i moved here, the places that are good to eat at are secret recipe and sampan. the rest are either too damn expensive and taste horrible or just plain horrible. why? all they care about is money? they should really watch “cooking master boy” and learn from Mao how to cook ^-^

im complainin coz i just ate at “rasta” .ordered fried rice..damn it tasted bad! well actually…it was tasteless! ttdi is definitely not the place recommend to anyone(for food)after all the hype and reviews, i got me devil may cry 2..yeah so i read it ended badly and the game’ll make you cry..what the heck..i just love buying new games..i wonder when am i actually gonna play ’em..played shinobi once,haven’t touched onimusha2 and now dmc2..

downloaded the latest nightly build for miranda and other latest plugins..now aim is working like it should be..which means im connected to msn,y!,icq and aim..only thing left is irc..another problem though…the file transfer doesnt work for me..when am i gonna update the other pages ??


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