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Changing to b2blog

Downloading – *still* Groove Adventure Rave 36-40, Angelic Layer 10-11, Naruto OST

Didn’t blog yesterday, I was in no mood to blog anyway, but was so enthusiastic reading nmj’s blog. I find it very interesting and funny 😀 .. damn no smilies..another reason was to get b2 working..i still cant figure a better way to edit the template.

b2 has smilies 😀 blogger doesn’t :thumbsdown:the web has so many of blogger and mt skins/templates but i spent 3 days do search for b2’s …but no luck. I can’t find any and now b2 site is unaccessible, wth!! how unfortunate of me >_< ..i know i have to do changes to the css as well … but my coding sucks 😛 i already changed the css on my template…but the result , still the default b2’s colour …

this is my b2 site…nothing much really..the only source that i found useful is this tutorial..gave me abit of clue of what im changing and stuff.. this b2 stuff is starting to give me a headache.. ~_~if anyone out there is kind enough to teach me …please do~~ im desperate!! :Þ *i wanna get out from blogger!!!!*


Why are people anti – American?

before i forget..which i usually do everyone should read “why are people anti-american?” entry

Boring Sunday

Listening to Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu OST

Had Dave’s for lunch yesterday..uh before going to Midvalley,,at first was planning to use kembara to drive there..but suddenly that car tak boleh start pulak..takde bateri ? damn! err the car hasn’t been used for about a week..but how can car be like that ~_~ argh…so we went there using another car usual i had the pasta combo 2 in 1 brother and my mod had quater roasted chicken…my big brother makan ape ntah..dont know what its called but its steak a like meal alrite… :Þ

-edited-so where was i ? uh ? had lunch –nyo> oh yea, after that we went to the electrical section coz my mom wanted to buy a vacuum and a steam iron. My mom tested almost 5 vacuum cleaners before actually bought a 1300watts vacuum cleaner. My mom first intention was to buy the 1400watts vacuum cleaner with sucking power control? after she had tested it and was satisfied with it but the salesgirl said that model is out of stock, another good example of showing products to customer that isn’t in their stock… :st00pid: frustrated, so my reluctantly got her the 1300watts vacuum cleaner.

So we went to the next section where the steam irons are, wanted advice, my mom called a malay guy who works there and asked him about his opinion and all bout the irons sold..some of the models had no topcover for the err water tanker? so i was also curious wont the water spill out if the iron is placed vertically? the guy unconfidently said…”tak…tak tumpah punya” uhuh?..ritee but then a saleslady passed by, she looked much more experience than this guy :Þ so my mom ask her or should i say the saleslady willingly offered her wise opinion to my mom. My mom almost had her mind set to buy the inexpensive steam iron until i voiced out and said..”eh mak…yang ni okay lagi best.. ^_^” yeah, this one has “vertical ironing” capability.. w00tz..okay my mom got that one…but there was another model that has auto off function…w0w technologies in steam irons nowadays…wat next ? auto ironing iron ? ^_^ well anything is possible..eheh, just as my mom was about to pay the gadgets she got, i managed to snatch a philips earphone :Þ soon after that, we went down to carrefour..who had to carry the vacuum? me! man it was quite a weight~~

on our way to get extra vacuum bags, “water filters” promoter caught our attention o.o;; …bla bla bla yada yada…manual costs rm2.5k …auto costs rm3.5k my mom agreed to pay the deposit and let them install the water filters ..they promised to come today…but nada maybe tomorrow they will i …before that we went to “Why Pay More?” to buy my brother trackpants.. original price was rm69.90 but discounted 70% …i say thats a ripoff man…you”re putting a 69bucks trackpants that look like one you can get from pasar malam …what the hell is that~!! total ripoff.. ended up buying 2 of em ~_~ oki3… after that we went straight home ..

House Inspection

Downloading – Juuni Kokki 26, Groove Adventure Rave 36-40, Angelic Layer 6-7

Eh? It’s already 29th of march, dude how time flies so quickly, 3 more days and it’s already April…let me see..what have i done during this month*blinks* *scratches* ..Any thing interesting ?? nope nada..nothing..besides working on site and watching animes,practically i did nothing..uh..almost addicted reading other people’s blog.. :Þ now that’s sick..

My parents ,me bro and I went to Kota Damansara area this afternoon, planning to get a house for my brother :rollseyes: . Got lots of building construction going on over that area. Yup, a new housing area and lots of weird names too, Kota Damansara, Sunway Damansara… blah blah Damansara…that Damansara…why must it be Damansara that ? Damansara this? heh..anyhow we went inside one of the “Damansara’s err…show house ? was it Sophia Damansara ? not so sure…the house was too small and not practical..the ground floor is small,the first floor is even smaller..okay next, we went to another housing area, this time its hm..abit bigger than the previous, but this time, the ground floor is spacious..but the first floor ..*so compact*

the problem is, my bro already has a condo, now a house ? uh ? my dad doesn’t mind ^_^ i think my dad is insisting bout buying the house. oH heck

*streamyx still sucks, when will this disconnection ends??? , arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! stupid broadband!!!*

Promises unfulfilled..

For the past few days, was having a lot of troubles due to my host provider upgrading their servers and DNS. So some of you might notice that sometimes my site can be accessed and sometimes can’t. What’s giving me a headache was my ISP’s laziness to clear up their DNS caches.

Others were complaining that they can’t download stuff from my site, but I didn’t have that trouble. This happens between 24-26 of March. Got an email from my provider this morning. They said their upgrading and maintenance work are done. Anything that was uploaded during those periods are gone -_- . *just hope it won’t happen too often*.

Having plans for today,actually. Going to Subang Jaya, getting my July Intake confirmation letter, checking the Japanese Language Centre. Hm…planning to go to SS2 too but, ah …I just don’t have the mood to go anywhere now. Time is running out and I’m still not doing anything. …*BaH*

BTW, changed the *shoutbox* now comes with smilies 😀

*shoutout* also changed so please turn off your popup killer program/browser -_-Yeah, pop-up sucks! I know.. :Þ

For the Sake of Dreaming

Suddenly I feel the urge to copy&paste this lyric. It’s from Saishuu-Heiki Kanojo . It’s called Yumemiru no Tame ni; For the Sake of Dreaming

For the sake of your dreams I will guard you through the night One day i”l surely laugh for you Because you love it

Just by being near someone and believing in them You will live on in a person’s heart

Tomorrow will be lost in time The map of night flies off Connected on the other side the dry sea The silver moon rises and falls

For the sake of your dreams I will guard you through the night Your sadness is the only thing in this world That can soak into my heart.

For the sake of your dreams I will gaurd you throught the night One day i’ll surely laugh for you Because you love it

Waiting Game

Downloaded and installed Mozilla1.3 today.

First impression; w0w. Much has changed since I last used Mozilla. This version is very sleek and fast. For a 12mb file browser, hmm..not bad. The interface is really nice and neat. The problem is, Mozilla does not support customizable scrollbars and their mail client keeps asking me for password. Hm…that’s making webpages look suck. Err..i forgot what’s my streamyx’s email password…yeah those streamyx people gave me weird password but i don’t have a clue how to change it. Decided to download “password revealer”, ^_^ ,

I don’t type my password on anywhere.So if I can’t remember them, damn itz gone for good!oH well…anyone played fungwan online b4? After 3 days of waiting, I got an email from them, ^_^. Im accepted to become one of their beta testers, yay~! Tried the game for a while, but was so blur. I didnt know what to do or what to press. I can”t find a way to attack anything. *HeLp*