Something Stupid

Downloading – Gunparade March – 05, Galaxy Angels 3rd Season – 09,10

Sending – Rahxephon – 07

i seem to be very lazy nowadays…

very few updates and all. rarely visit my own website and forum XD. now thats terrible.

heh..alot of things happened for the past few days or so…first of all…there was a snake wanted to enter my house, or so it stripes eh, that should be one poisonous snake eh.

the first to spot the snake was my sister,,dunno what actually happened,as usual i was with my pc XD, suddenly heard my sis screamed…out of first i couldnt find the snake…after searching like around 5 minutes…there it was…hiding below some dark area…my first action to get rid of that creature was….grabing a stick…and a ridsect..hahaha

sprayed ridsect all over that snake.. lol ….

man that thing moved damn fast…i can only hit his body…tried to hit its head though…but ran away… damn~~nothing much to say today..too lazy to write ^-^tomorrow maybe.. *sigh*


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