1 Sided

Nowadays, I’ve been watching too much of CNN. Everywhere I click, I see people talking about war. You can expect CNN always talks about the US and the British are winning, They have secured this place, that place. Don’t you think its so bias and lame?

The American Govt. are claiming Al-Jazeera was not following the Geneva rule, but they are forgetting that they are attacking Iraq without the UN’s approval. So, who’s to blame now? I really feel ashamed when seeing the Iraqi’s soldiers surrendered just like that. Don’t they love their country? Do they like other country invading theirs ? Heck, I dont! Eventhough you’re under a dictatorship, its your duty to protect your country. If you hate the political system in your country, you should do something about it and not relying on other country. *sigh* I rather fight than run away/surrender like a wuss. How pathetic is that.

Majority of the world are opposing the war, but mr. Bush just gotta be stubborn and take revenge for his father. eh, newayz, i really hope this war ends very soon.


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