Wanted to watch the Fa Cup match between Arsenal and Chelsea but ended up sleeping. Why can’t they have the match much earlier ??

*sigh* anyhow, Arsenal did win the match !!! 3-1 !! and it all happened when I was sleeping..*sigh* I was waiting for the match to start, that time it was around 2.30am. I did manage to watch the game. Yeah and it was the half time break. The next thing i found out, it was already 8am. *sigh* I just have to wait for the repeat match.

Reading this made my day abit better though.

3 responses to “*sighs*

  • picha

    juz be extra careful when u go out.. but its better to stay indoors. I was really paranoid when I started to get this cough and flu. Went straight to the doctor. πŸ˜‰ Juz stay indoors.. and do something useful like..wastin time on the pc. Hehe. take care..

  • djeric

    ya i agree with picha, now sometimes alittle cough or flu makes us so tensed up.. but i guess such things are not easily able to prevent. Just like a day ago, i was at a provision shop, then suddenly when i sneeze, this uncle beside me immediately move away a distance and say “choy ah” which means “damn unlucky”. i stood rooted to the ground..hah..:D
    By the way, i like the last sentence your friend said ” just becos we may not see each other, it won’t mean that we’d be lesser friends” I guess sometimes its also the distance that pull us closer.. πŸ™‚ Takecare dude..! πŸ˜€

  • sheep

    but some of the phrases from the news were all made up!! but still..they are funny peps~~
    thx for the kind words ~~ really appreciate it
    u guys take care too..

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