Waiting Game

Downloaded and installed Mozilla1.3 today.

First impression; w0w. Much has changed since I last used Mozilla. This version is very sleek and fast. For a 12mb file browser, hmm..not bad. The interface is really nice and neat. The problem is, Mozilla does not support customizable scrollbars and their mail client keeps asking me for password. Hm…that’s making webpages look suck. Err..i forgot what’s my streamyx’s email password…yeah those streamyx people gave me weird password but i don’t have a clue how to change it. Decided to download “password revealer”, ^_^ ,

I don’t type my password on anywhere.So if I can’t remember them, damn itz gone for good!oH well…anyone played fungwan online b4? After 3 days of waiting, I got an email from them, ^_^. Im accepted to become one of their beta testers, yay~! Tried the game for a while, but was so blur. I didnt know what to do or what to press. I can”t find a way to attack anything. *HeLp*


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