Promises unfulfilled..

For the past few days, was having a lot of troubles due to my host provider upgrading their servers and DNS. So some of you might notice that sometimes my site can be accessed and sometimes can’t. What’s giving me a headache was my ISP’s laziness to clear up their DNS caches.

Others were complaining that they can’t download stuff from my site, but I didn’t have that trouble. This happens between 24-26 of March. Got an email from my provider this morning. They said their upgrading and maintenance work are done. Anything that was uploaded during those periods are gone -_- . *just hope it won’t happen too often*.

Having plans for today,actually. Going to Subang Jaya, getting my July Intake confirmation letter, checking the Japanese Language Centre. Hm…planning to go to SS2 too but, ah …I just don’t have the mood to go anywhere now. Time is running out and I’m still not doing anything. …*BaH*

BTW, changed the *shoutbox* now comes with smilies πŸ˜€

*shoutout* also changed so please turn off your popup killer program/browser -_-Yeah, pop-up sucks! I know.. :ΓƒΕΎ

9 responses to “Promises unfulfilled..

  • Kay

    wah Pires smiliess. chunn :impressedpires:
    I think he would still be out for the FA Cup game lah. Damnnnn :sadpires:

  • picha

    Pires? what is pires? xplain to me..who is pires newayz? silly me.. :embaressedpires: damn blur lar.. :crosseyed:

    but these smiley pires u haff are cute! :impressedpires:

    ok, i shall stop now. HEHEHE

  • sheep

    ….all thankz t0 Azwethinkweisz ..she lets me use her smilies πŸ˜€ ey..pires injured is it?? how come i dont know ?? :sadpires:
    picha doesnt know who pires is?? :kill: ish isk….

  • zack

    uish.. jgn tembak picha! heh

  • Kay

    Ya loh. During that match against Chelsea. I think Melchiot ke sape tah tackle. Thot there was nuthin much but apparently it’ll take a while. Hope he’ll be fit this Sunday tho.

    *waves* at zack :hello:

    Pires tu macam Beckham la. Cume lagi terer ngan skill baik punya.

  • zack

    *waves back at kay*

    pires the magnifique. right? :tounguepires:

  • sheep

    betul betul~~ uh…i thought the injury against chelsea dah okay….
    Pires has his own smilies~ :laughpires: :teethpires:
    beckham doesnt… :tounguepires:

  • picha

    aah…. football ey? no wonder i was lost.
    HOw should I know..sorry arh.. hehehe pires has better skills than beckham but does he has that hot look like beckham? if he does.. hey.. i’m wid pires. HEHE πŸ˜€

  • sheep

    ….….tu lar masa misa competition that day tak masuk..
    πŸ˜€ :w00t:

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