House Inspection

Downloading – Juuni Kokki 26, Groove Adventure Rave 36-40, Angelic Layer 6-7

Eh? It’s already 29th of march, dude how time flies so quickly, 3 more days and it’s already April…let me see..what have i done during this month*blinks* *scratches* ..Any thing interesting ?? nope nada..nothing..besides working on site and watching animes,practically i did nothing..uh..almost addicted reading other people’s blog.. :Þ now that’s sick..

My parents ,me bro and I went to Kota Damansara area this afternoon, planning to get a house for my brother :rollseyes: . Got lots of building construction going on over that area. Yup, a new housing area and lots of weird names too, Kota Damansara, Sunway Damansara… blah blah Damansara…that Damansara…why must it be Damansara that ? Damansara this? heh..anyhow we went inside one of the “Damansara’s err…show house ? was it Sophia Damansara ? not so sure…the house was too small and not practical..the ground floor is small,the first floor is even smaller..okay next, we went to another housing area, this time its hm..abit bigger than the previous, but this time, the ground floor is spacious..but the first floor ..*so compact*

the problem is, my bro already has a condo, now a house ? uh ? my dad doesn’t mind ^_^ i think my dad is insisting bout buying the house. oH heck

*streamyx still sucks, when will this disconnection ends??? , arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! stupid broadband!!!*


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