Changing to b2blog

Downloading – *still* Groove Adventure Rave 36-40, Angelic Layer 10-11, Naruto OST

Didn’t blog yesterday, I was in no mood to blog anyway, but was so enthusiastic reading nmj’s blog. I find it very interesting and funny πŸ˜€ .. damn no smilies..another reason was to get b2 working..i still cant figure a better way to edit the template.

b2 has smilies πŸ˜€ blogger doesn’t :thumbsdown:the web has so many of blogger and mt skins/templates but i spent 3 days do search for b2’s …but no luck. I can’t find any and now b2 site is unaccessible, wth!! how unfortunate of me >_< ..i know i have to do changes to the css as well … but my coding sucks πŸ˜› i already changed the css on my template…but the result , still the default b2’s colour …

this is my b2 site…nothing much really..the only source that i found useful is this tutorial..gave me abit of clue of what im changing and stuff.. this b2 stuff is starting to give me a headache.. ~_~if anyone out there is kind enough to teach me …please do~~ im desperate!! :ΓƒΕΎ *i wanna get out from blogger!!!!*


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