useless post


Windows XP has been running 1wk 23hrs 7mins Memory Usage: 394/640MB (61.56%)

Processor: 1-Intel Pentium III (Cu), 997MHz, 256KB (0% Load) HDD

Free Space: (C: 9208MB/18.62GB) (D: 3008MB/76.33GB) (E: CDROM) (F: CDROM) (G: CDROM) (Z: 0MB/0B)

hm…3gigs outta 76gigs left, filled with animes and anime ost, gotta burn some of them soon

or I’ll end up crying later .. 😥

[edit] bah….a few hours after that my pc crashed/hanged …. for no reason..there goes my 1week streak..[/edit]


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