TESCO officially opened here couple of weeks ago, i think.Okay, there’s Jusco on da left,still expanding,IKEA, progressing really fast and will be ready pretty soon on da right is TESCO. Jusco started their project much earlier than IKEA and TESCO but I see very little progress. They are taking it very slowly 😕

Jusco pink building, IKEA blue, TESCO white.Hm..supermarkets and buildings rising..more housing area..this place is going to be very congested and busy!! So does constructing a highway from here to Sri Hartamas going to solve this congestion? Well, they certainly think so. Yeah, more tolls~~ that’s what we need! :wham: , if that doesn’t feel congested enough, how bout building schools in every 5km radius? Do I need to rant more ? 😳

Anyway, I actually went to TESCO few days back for the first time with my mom of course. Not as huge as I expected it would be, looks can be very deceiving. Bought lots of groceries as expected. Yea, got my car battery changed, that was the reason I got out from the house once in awhile, just to help my mom out. Thank goodness my car is Kembara;mini-jeep da~ and it’s a freaking 1.3 CC car!! :hops: . /me is very thankful,but uh, nvmind..parking is free, yay!

The first thing that caught my attention was the vcd/dvd section, they”e selling Hikaru No Go, 17vcds!! For RM 99.00 !! I rather buy Gundam 0080 ( 3dvds ) for the same price. I’m still searching for that title. Someone took that away from me when I was just about to buy it 😥 Went to TESCO again today for lunch..planning to go to Secret Recipe but had thought bout it again coz..that place is quite pricey~~ and we ate there a lots of time already..Paying food is different here in TESCO. No cash, no coupon, but we have to use their pre-paid card, trendey~~~ 🙄 The food was nice~~ Alhamdulillah, tastey~~~

So after the Friday Prayer’s yesterday, as always I have to send my bro to school. Btw, the Friday Prayer’s speech was talking about the Month of Safar, which is this month according to the Muslim’s Calendar. Safar which means yellow was always meant to be a disasterous month, that was what the people thought before there was Islam. They’d thought that way because their homelands, vilages had always been attacked/war during the Month of Safar. News about a man died from SARS in Pahang really terrifies me. Heard a lot of coughings here and there when I was listening to the speech. ❗ I got as far as I could from anyone who coughed ..*felt very exposed and vulnerable*..”eekkk” and rushed home as soon as the prayer”s was over.

This is no HIV dude, but this is SARS we’re talking about!! I”m getting very tense thinking about this contagious and uncurable virus…Anyway, after sending my bro to school, i went to ss2. First stop, to the orthodontic clinic to get more of those small rubberbands stuff. Heck, the lights were open, but the door was locked, I rang the doorbell but noone was there?? Pressed several times but still,no one?? eH? I didnt know that clinic closed on Saturdays Fridays….weird, that clinic never closed on Saturdays Fridays before. Wth was going on?? Nevermind that, so I went to “Computer Wars” just to buy a 100 bulked cd-rs..Checked the clinic again..noone again..Forget it.

Drove to Subang Jaya, brought along my SAM results and UniSA offer form. Had thought that i need to get another form for the July intake..but the “Aust Ed” people said I can still use the same offer form?? Doh, what a waste of time. Championship Manager 4….yup bought that too just before I went back home.

-edit- the 2d pitch is cool!! -/edit-

*Please God. Do not let the people that I love and care get this deadly virus, Amin* ja~~

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