five late minutes cost me a hundred!

i woke up early today ( again at 8 a.m ) and to know real madrid beat man utd 3 goals to 1 was very g00d ! Well, i didnt watch the game or anything, just the highlights from “eurosportsnews”. I expected real to win …english clubs are no match for the spanish clubs, frankly speaking. just think of where man utd will be if they were in the spanish league? -nowhere- .

raul’s goals were excellent! nisteelrooy? as you expect from a “right legged only” striker, he scored from 5cm from the goal line. h0h?

had half-boiled egg + breads before going to my dental appointment at 10.40am…so i reached there around that time went inside, and still curious why’d the clinic close couple of days ago. Gave my dental check-up card? and waited for few minutes. no other patient was there except me. everything went on as usual so after paying the money, i ran back to my car …………..and what was that green paper sticking on my window wiper i saw? at first i thought it was some useless junk of ad……butttttt i was damn wrong!! it was from “Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya”!!! :arrowed: wah!!! sedih sedih nye aku~!!! and guess how much i’ll have to pay ? yah!! one hundred ringgit!!!!!!!!!!! w00h00~~! kill me now!

oi, its not that i don’t have that money appointment only took around 10minutes! and i got fined five minutes before i notice! help?? \n:angel:

nahh~~ there’s always a first time, *hatiku rabak*



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