Figure 17 – Tsubasa & Hikaru

Hey Hisyam in the future!! Do you now that you are watching this anime?? Well know you do, anyway in case you forgot what it’s all about, I’ll get the review for you eh ? Great!

Title Figure 17 Tsubasa & Hikaru

Category TV

Total Episodes 13

Genres Science-Fiction

Year Published 2001\

Agent DD is a member of an alien police force transporting six Magyua eggs. The Magyua are an intelligent but extremely violent life-form used as biological weapons. While transporting the eggs, DD gets in an accident and heads towards the nearest life supporting planet–Earth. DD lands to safety in Hokkaido, Japan, but during the landing the eggs awaken. DD manages to destroy one of the Magyua, but the other five escape to different areas of Hokkaido. DD fuses with the Liberus–a mobile bio-liquid metallic battle suit and sets out to recapture the other five Magyua. Somehow, a 10-year-old girl named Tsubasa comes into contact with DD”s spare Liberus suit and now she too has the ability to fuse with the Liberus suit and gain super powers!

Source from animenfo

Figure 17\nShina Hikaru\nShina Tsubasa


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