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Oh my, what am I doing right now? blogging? :Þ I dont usually blog in the afternoon because my room is so hot! My room is facing the sun 😦 Good for me,I chose this room, oh I thought I would have a good view of everything. Yeah you can get a good view of the whole area from my room,I guess but it”s just too hot.

I’m all sweaty, btw my room has a balcony that I rarely go to ( although the balcony is just right beside this PC ). Why don’t you just turn on your air-con ? err, is it just me? I don’t really like using the air-con, I feel much better under this normal ceiling fan. Air-con is just too gassy and uh, my lungs can’t stand it. Thats why I prefer blogging during the evening/night, but now because I’m just too bored, dont know what else to do until this boredom is making my fingers to type by itself.

My mom bought a fibre-glasss aquarium ( shit! my spelling is so bad until I have to use the spellcheck ) and a pagola?(how the heck do you spell it?) how many aquariums do we have already? hm..Not that I really care much about it, but anything new that comes into my house interest me. Yup, I like new stuff, gadgets, anything new is good. 😛 ..Uh, the fishes from the aquarium below were transfered, to the ground floor. Koi fish ah, white, red, yellow all sorts of colours. Reminds me of “Grander Musashi”, an anime about fishing and stuff, how odd eh, people can think of making a story out of nothing a.k.a… “Cooking Master Boy”.

Looking back at nmj‘s entry, she made me realize something. Why am I doing this?blog?Why am I blogging all the sudden? What the heck is a blog? In my opinion, blog is nothing less than an online diary, well not quite a diary eh, because diaries are supposed to be private so blog is like a public diary? heh? people reading it and giving comments bout what you have written. I never had a diary before, or never had an idea to have one. I am too lazy to write anything, writing a diary feels like a burden to me, typical boys ah. So, I feel like a weirdo if I have one, nothing weird if girls have dozens of them. The idea of having my own blog doesn”t come as soon as I bought my own domain. What was the reason I bought this domain? Prolly because I hate the pop-up ads, and the major slowness from free domains. Doesn”t everyone hate pop-up ads? Feeling dissapointed, I asked wanie to host me. Thankfully she agreed, but her host provider doesn”t support php/mysql, “m$ server” laa ( Wanie!! What happened to closedeyes.com?!!! ) . So I bought my own cheap domain & webspace from truebyte ( support local! ).

Guess I’m way out of topic now. I know many people have many reasons why they blog, but I can’t tell if their reasons are the same as what my reasons are. Mine is very simple, I’m doing this for the sake of remembering things of what I have done for the past of my life. I am very forgetful, yeah noone can deny that, so it’s a good thing to blog so I can look back and think the things i”ve done. Some guys are not very open and aren’t good in expressing their feelings. I am one of them. Having this shit may change abit of me, I may express my feelings here but not all, sometimes I can be very tense and that feeling”ll make me out of control, wth am I writing ere? Having a blog will make me realize of how much time I had wasted my time during my teen years 10 or 20 years from now. Guess that’s the main reason of having a diary ah?

Finished SAM last November and not doing anything until July this year is crazy~! Luckily there’re tons of animes to watch not forgetting, writing this. Ah, that reminds me again of Saikano, Chise and Shuji having an exchange diary, argh..that’s so lovely~ . Besides that, a blog’ll also be like a history book to me, copy and paste all the main news of what happened yesterday. Hmm….History…Why do you have to remember all the dates ?? I’m no good in memorizing stuff~! Frankly, having a blog is for me to read and not expecting it for others to read. Reading my blog will bore them to death, seeing how boring this life is where everything is just as plain and nothing interesting happens to me. Heh, how I wish to get my own persocon, having super powers? or getting mutated all the sudden, wouldn’t that be something..uh crazy otaku imaginations. About other people judging another person by reading his/her blog, is totally ridiculous. Does the phrase “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” ring a bell ? Been there done that, you can’t judge a person by reading their blog lah~ What if what they write are totally lies ? Would you notice? nay? How could you judge? d0h~ nevermind lah. Its up to them to judge, but I don’t like judging people, that’ll be too sceptical.

Anyway~~ I went to a very useful sites yesterday. Web & graphic tutorials. Went to 7thsquare, fakin-it and laura . Great tutorials~ lovely sites~ 😉

I’m designing a new layout, pretty bored of my “kawaiiness” layout already so I’m gonna do a new one. Progress is really slow as i”m not a good layout designer that means i’ll be quite busy and not gonna blog in a while. ( sorry nmj, slow reply from IM that day )

argh~!!! just as i want to post this shit~! stupid telekom is doing it again~!! you’re the worst!!! wth?!! i called tmnet’s customer service just now, on hold for 5 minutes, heard the ringing tone, and then they put me on the siti’s song again, after that got hang up! tmnet kau ni bodoh!!!! and let the world know about that!

nasib ada w.bloggar written at 3.00 p.m (+ 8.00 GMT)


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