the guys down under

11:10 p.m

I think my intentions to change my site to a new layout has been halted. Yup, i have to stay away from adobe photoshop for a few days now. The new layout will come alright but as i said, its gonna take awhile *a long while*

all that editing and designing is giving me a headache, I won’t force myself to do anything that’s over my limit -_-

Putting editing and designing aside, I put my efforts on my forum. Installed a couple of new themes which I find really cool! 1 is a combination of Orange and White, the onther 1 is a combination of Blue and Grey. My forum is up few months ago but not many people have yet to join my *lonely* forum. Maybe the others didn’t know about it? Oh well, Im not really good in inviting people nor am I good in persuading others. On the other hand, salwa‘s really great, I mean, she invited quite a number of her friends to my forum. Honto ni, I feel really thankful :blush: . Now i got the opportunity to get to know more people *I think*. Erm,,actually what’s important is the forum”ll be lively if everyone participates and active eh. It’s been lively since salwa invited her friends. Anyways, a forum without any hacks/mods is really dull. There’re a bunch of hacks/mods in that forum but today i tried to get the “Gendre Mod” to work,,sadly after ctrl+c&ctrl+v, i got a parse error. :crosseyed: . That forum is offline, for now because that error’ll appear when someone clicks at any topic. Bah,, just when everything seems to go well. *itchy fingers* serves you right!

It seems like I’ve been encountering alot of problem lah! Reports from hyperspin tells me that server has been up and down a few times in this week already. My isp, usual, well i dont wanna brag somemore coz it might take pages..I am really fedup ..its not that we have a choice here do we?

I can’t believe that I’m complaining over small matters. Bah..gotta live with it lah. *Dugaan* & *Cabaran* but,but, hey! its not free you know, and you’re giving us crappy service!! o0pz, terlepas.

Hm, my dad is selling his “Rodeo” the pick-up car and getting another “pick-up” car, a Toyota Hiluxe?? The one where the old grandma driving the car in the ad :blink: . My dad also had a thought of selling the BMW and getting a Benz instead. Heh, its all a thought ah. Nothing happens yet. That’s just typical of my dad :innocent: . As for me, that Kembara is still under loan, 4 more years if im not mistaken. I crave for cars like 206gti,307,alpha 147 like those are my type. Don’t have a clue whether I can afford those types of cars in the future. My brother has a Punto HGT, isk, very stable, unlike Kembara, every corner you take, you’ll feel that the car’ll somehow go *boom* Bleh, syukur, syukur jugak. Not that im the one who pays.

Eh, about those guys down under. Damn, how’re you guys lah! Nabil and Zakwan, my two buds in Taylors College last year. Nabil is currently studying in the same uni that I’ll go soon *insya allah* Zakwan is studying in Perth. One is doing Communication Engineering, the latter is doing something about Business, I guess. I”ll be taking Mech Engineering. We often contact each other thru msn though. At first, Nabil was unsure whether he would enter UniSA or not, but after non-stop begging him to go to that Uni, he finally agreed. :devil: Woe is me, I have to take the July intake. I sound really bored, coz I am bored. I didn”t know those 2 guys are into blog as well. Found out about that few days before when Nabil told me that he has a Xanga site, so did Zakwan. Xanga = Blog. Yup, I was suprised. Always thought that they were different from me.

Reading their stories and activities excite me like hell. Yup, I find that what they did are really interesting. Man, I feel so low now. Is it because they’re on holiday now? Nabil is at Perth with Zakwan, enjoy enjoy eh. Don’t forget your assigmnents too! They went to the Cotteslo beach, Pinnacle and God knows where’ll they end up next. *where the heck is Cotteslo?* Post the pictures for goodness sake!! Hm, I should remind Nabil to find another house once he goes back to Adelaide. Keep on updating guys! I can’t wait to read all of your sengaless stories!

:mrgreen: . Til then.

2 more hours till kick-off… where”s my coffee…

*kena belajar mcm mana nak masak ayam masak kicap*


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