my mom bought 10 more fishes, my dad bought lotsa flowers and sold his pick-up car.

nabil finally got back to Adelaide, where he belong. During his 1 week stay with zack in Perth was really something. They really had a great time together and I just know it…by reading their blogs. Alot of crazy stuff happened, not “crazy” crazy, but just plain crazy. I guess their friendship really means alot to them eh. It’s like tsubasa and hikaru,err Im exaggerating but you can just put it that way. They took a hell lotsa photos when their together.    

Made my decision that i just gotta get out from the house once in a while. So yesterday I msg Daniel, one of my friend from Taylors College thru icq just to know how’s he doing. Later I asked him whether he knows how to go to Jalan Yong Shook Lin ( MPPJ’s Office ) and he said he is going to that place too. Haha, looks like both of us got fined from the money sucking ticket checkers. What a coincidence, okay so he said he knows how to get there and later I asked him again if I could follow him coz I had no idea where is that place. Earlier today, off I went to Daniel”s house. Abit confuse at first because I am not too familiar with any roads that are named using numbers. Had to call Daniel a few times until he saw my car coz I was circling that same area a couple of times.

Got my self into Daniel’s car, since I didnt know the way. While he was driving, I tried to remember how the heck to get to that place. Hm, we reached there after 10minutes of driving, Daniel wasnt quite sure the way too, heh. Realized that MPPJ’s office isn’t as far as I thought it would be and to get there is quite simple IMO. Bah, didn’t know we have to pay to park inside MPPJ’s office area. What do you expect? All they want is money, eh. Got our number, mine was 2339 and there were around 50 more people before me!! Gah~~ tired of waiting, Daniel didnt have his lunch, so I followed him to a chinese stall, just to see him eating curry mee -_- . We had to wait a few more minutes before our turn though. *Looked around the building* Damn! They can afford to get dozens of flat screen monitors and all the high tech stuff not too mention how they decorated their gardens. All of those things come from our money ah! *but only 1 counter was opened, how hard working they are :P*

Daniel’s number was called, can”t quite understand what was going on, he said something and he looked very frustrated but I didnt see him taking his money out. Im next. eh?!!! we can’t make rayuan coz the guy who handles it has gone home??, what the heck?? you’re telling me he’s the only want that can aproves our rayuan? :diedie: eh why lar?? I dont wanna pay 100 bucks! No wonder I saw alot of people went back after 4.30 p.m, the reason? that guy who handles the rayuan thing goes back at that time. Bleh~ we feel irritated, wasted 1 hour of waiting just to get nothing.

Daniel got fined 5 times including this one ^_^ . My plan didnt go too well because I promised my self to go to the Australian Education Centre to give the Bank Draft to them to settle my payment to UniSA. oH well, at least now I know how to get to MPPJ’s office, I need not to worry anymore, I hope I wont get anymore fines though. *note to self; always bring 60cents*

p/s: im connected to internet more than 2 days without getting disconnected. wh333~~~ joy to the world~~

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