friday’s coming tomorrow, i better answer these questions from disslexic today, this is thursday ten. tomorrow will be friday five

1. y d name sheep? its a part of the domain name,right?thefellow”sheep” and I do hav a beard which is like a goat/sheep? and I often touch it :fear:

2. y anime? okay, i really got addicted with animes since i got my broadband, which is July 2002 and I’ve been downloading alot of animes since then. Anime? I love the art, the plot and the language. Unlike American “cartoon” which is totally ridiculous.

3. y brandon? His voice, looks and character, I :love: him! The first Incubus song I listened to was “Pardon Me; Make Yourself”. In that vidclip he’s just awesome! heh, so I bought MakeYourself’s original cd and “Morning View” my sister bought it for me. I can only get a cassette for S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Dont know what happen to Fungus AmongUs thought.

4. y’s brandon so cool? *Question 3, the first 5 words is your answer.*

5. is d werld really round? 🙄 Yes. Can anyone deny that?

6. wad if d earth is REALLY flat? hm…flat vertically? or horizontally? If that happens, under special circumstances there would be no night time?

7. is there really a tomorrow? there’ll always be tomorrow unless if tomorrow is Saturday.Bcoz Friday is a special day, it may or may not be tomorrow if today is Friday. *repetition*

8. wat if there’s no tomorrow? If I know that there’ll be no tomorrow, I’ll….beg for forgiveness from God, my parents, my family, friends and everyone :innocent: will that happen?

9. if life were to b a book, wat’s ur title? “Wish You Were Here”

10. and where will it b categorised under? Science-fiction, HaHa

that’s enuff!


4 responses to “-iNcubuSisM-

  • Benvolio

    i wanna hav a domain like u, and can do so much stuffie. so cool. do u need to learn php or simple html will do the trick?

  • Benvolio

    hey bro wassup? still playing cs? hmm cs dun plae at all le.. sianz of dat game sia. now version wat le ahz. try batlefield 1942, is a way more cool game abt wwII and stuff… real cool. me no $$ n no time, haha dat why hmm hehe…. never play

  • zack

    your birthday ke sheep? *blank*
    is it?

    p.s vichuda tu sedap siot… tapi slack dekat ngan tempat sampah. kdg2 aroma terlebih plak yang terbau. :tounguepires:

  • sheep

    ehehe…yeah my b’day
    yea..their service is fast..but ..the smell…perghz…longkang

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