Bandwidth Usage

Date              Day           Duration            Upload         Download

\n4/21/2003          “Monday”        “03:18:18″      “129.3 MB”   “135.1 MB”\n4/22/2003          “Tuesday”       “23:59:29″      “914.7 MB”   “1.3 GB”\n4/23/2003          “Wednesday”   “23:55:46″      “1.5 GB”       “1.8 GB”\n4/24/2003          “Thursday”       “39:09:45″      “1.3 GB”      “2.5 GB”\n4/25/2003          “Friday”       “05:43:01″      “60.6 MB”     “535.9 MB”\n4/26/2003          “Saturday”       “23:55:58″      “650.5 MB”   “4.5 GB”\n4/27/2003″         “Sunday”         “23:59:58″      “742.5 MB”   “6.6 GB”\n\n\nso basically thats my weekly bandwidth usage, Saturday and Sunday”s Download went crazy because I did file transfers between my computer and my 2 brothers. I had to put the cds on my brothers cd-rom drive and make another copy of those cds using the cd-rom burner on my computer. Abit tedious I would say because I only have 1 cd-ron drive which happens to be a burner. Hm, I can be categorized as a heavy downloader eventhough I using a 384kbps adsl. What would happened to my hard disk if I were to have a 10Mbps connection >_< . My 80gigabytes went to ground after 1 month. 80gigs filled with animes, anime osts and manga.


2 responses to “Bandwidth Usage

  • Ana

    I really want to see Scrapped Princess, however there is one promblem I can not use bittorent or emule, I can only use direct download and ftp. Do you know any other websites where I ca download the series?

    Yours thankfully


  • Hisyam

    Well, there were some sites who hosted them, not anymore since it’s kinda old, like 2 years already o.0?
    but if you go to and register with them, you can download other animes using direct download for free 🙂

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