Grave Of My Fingers

4th of May 2003, \r\nthat was the last time I blog. Now this thing has become some sort of a weekly blog or something. Well it”s not that I don”t want to but sometimes things doesn”t happen what I want it to be. Maybe this is a good time to blog. The weather is partly cloudy, I sense rain is coming at any moment now. So whats my story for this week? ah,, about the street soccer match. It was a good match, just a normal friendly match but it”s better than nothing. Arrived at Boboy”s house around 9.30 morning but before that I had to wait for my cousin because I didn”t know exactly where Boboy”s house is. The house number la..I wasn”t sure. There were 3 teams, each team has 5 players so 5×3 = 15 people 🙂 . Played 2 hours, not 2 hours in a way every team plays 2 hours but the winner stays, get it? I hope so. No real positions. You can play anywhere you like..a striker, defender or a goalkeeper. Scored a few goals so if anyone is freaking tired, they can be a goalkeeper. Started at 10a.m and finished at 12p.m. \r\nWe all had lunch together at a&w p.j. I was sure on how to get there from SportsBarn but this Boboy insisted me to take another turn which was wayyy of the route. \r\nYeah, I was happy to meet my ex-school friends . It really has been awhile since we last met. Majority of them aren”t studying in Kuala Lumpur so the only time to meet is….when they”re on their holidays. Actually my friends didnt want to have their lunch at a&w but after much bugging from me and my cousin, they agreed haha I don”t know why but they prefer to have theirs in a normal indian restaurant.\r\nSo what else happened. Hm, my dental appointment was on last friday morning, yea I got my sixty cents ready 🙂 . Gotta take my brother from Arena P.j again yesterday. Me and my brothers went to The Summit to watch x-men2 yeaH x-2!! ah, before that, I bought 3 games Zone Of The Enders 2, Xenosaga Episode1 and WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth . I should”ve picked up silent hill 3 instead of my brother choosing WWE :crosseyed: . Guess what we had for our dinner there? A&W!! Yeah!! What gives…eating there is not really worth the money but since we were hungry anything will do. Oh yeah, about x-2 …I”m no marvel comics fan nor any americans superheroes fan so didn”t really catch the story but one thing I do know is Wolverine is not a mutant. Anyhow that movie didn”t impress me one bit, did I mention that I really like Resident Evil the movie. That movie kicks ass!! Was feeling sleepy once I got home but the urge to test out these new games kept me awake. Unfortunately, only one game tested which was Xenosaga Episode1. I used to love rpg alot, Final Fantasy 7-10, I played those only completed FF-7 🙂 . It”s not my fault that the games hung on me so how the heck am I going to finish those games. \r\nToday……..morning til 4 in the evening, I was dazzled by Z.O.E2. The graphics, music, voice acting were…………sugoi!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work Konami!! [ MGS & WE6 ] :w00t:\r\nHad my lunch after that..haha..but that game…made my fingers go numb !! It was all button punching motion stuff..non-stop! err the only time I had to stop punching buttons were the cut-scenes. Anime style animation cut-scene [ make sense? ] The voice acting and the mouth don”t go quite well but who cares!! Did I say about the purpose of that game is to :kill: other mecha machines?? Nice uh.\r\nOh yea, soon after that…about 6 p.m. I made my fingers suffer again until 8.30 p.m. Arsenal are 2 up against Sunderland and Man Utd are 1 down to Everton !! Go Arsenal Go !!\r\nGonna watch “Grave of the Fireflies” after this, I hope so..will make a review after I watch it, I really hope so.\r\n\r\nJa Mata~~’,


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