Hoshi No Koe

2 days ago..that was monday\nwoke up quite early as usual every morning i tune to axn to watch the animes and tengah boring boring tu pergi kat dapur minum kopi..nescafe with milk\nso bangun pukul 10 pagi…habis tgk anime pukul 11.30 kut..right after i finished drinking my coffee…tiba tiba satu badan rasa lain macam..especially my stomach and my spine. Sakit gile ah at first I thought I dapat normal stomachache ke ape pergi masuk toilet banyak kali but the pain was very………argh painful felt like my stomach was going to burst or something unimaginable coz I tak pernah dapat this kind of pain in the stomach before so this is like the first time I had this much pain. I was strugling like hell to overcome the pain. It was 12 noon, my dad came at 12.30 and we went to the nearest clinic..tunggu lama giler sempat lagi pergi toilet kalau nak kata muntah tu dah lebih 5-6 kali in 1 hour. I was still in the toilet when my dad told me that it was my turn to see the doc. Tahan sakit lagi..the doctor told me to lay down flat on the bed..pergh giler ah and dia sentuh sentuh lagi perut tekan tekan lagi… ~_~ menjerit aku buat tak kisah haha..most of the peps dah keluar for lunch and the only patient besides me was an old indian guy so sakit laa jugak bila dah sentuh tu..\nafter the doc done her talking I went straight to the car…memang dah tak tahan lagi la…buat hal sendiri kat dalam kereta tuh so my dad got the medicine and paid for them for me..masa nak balik tu suruh my dad bawak laju………..argh tak kisah trafic light kat depan belasah je cepat nak balik rumahhhhhh. Sampai je kat rumah terus baring kat depan was still unable to cope with the pain…my parents bagi ubat..and minum air zam zam pun…baring punya baring ..ingatkan sampai naik koma tahan sakit terus tido…sampai nak dekat pukul 5.30 p.m baru bangun..masa memula bangun tu still ada sakit sikit..and then lama lama hilang…wah tak pernah rasa sesihat ni….syukur alhamdulillah…I know ni semua dugaan Allah but somehow I felt abit strange. 2 hours of total painess which I thought that I was gonna past out hm….kuasa Allah..so everything is okay now..but this stomachache …the cause..it might be because of the coffee i had or maybe the dinner that i had a day before that. the reason why i say this is because my bro said that the coffee yang i amik ada banyak gile semut dalam… 😛 tak perasan pulak terus minum..ciss

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