not bad

just finished watching futsal, the game between malaysia and uruguay on starsport. the game ended 5-3 but in favor of uruguay. yeap malaysia is hosting the wold futsal game this year at bukit jalil. the match was somehow really entertaining. its not that malaysia didnt create any good moves but the malaysian keeper was just fantastic! he”s my man of the match! uruguay”s 30 shots on goal but only 5 converted. he saved a penalty kick and a free kick. he”s just amazingly agile. well if only the other malayisian players are as good to pass the ball and shoot more, we could have won. uruguay are known with their futsal team if im not mistaken, their junior team did won something back then.\ni dont wanna say too much because you can see the malaysian team will sit back went the scores are even. thats just typical isnt it.first it was 1-1,2-1,2-2,3-2,4-2,5-2,5-3 and malaysia nearly pulled one more in the last minute. \nyea although we lost, we didnt get crunch like what brazil did to south africa. the first half was 18-0!! and guess what, when the match was over it was 30 – 0 !! cant remember well but one of the brazilian scored 7 goals. man they really have no sympathy what so ever. malaysia”s next match will be against guetemala ?? if malaysia can”t get a win out of this then they have just wasted their time in holland & germany for their training. oh yea watching at malaysia”s futsal coach was entertaining too :hops:


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