Darn so it seems i can”t watch matrix:reloaded with her this wednesday. i am having no such luck at all. i thought we agreed about watching the movie together this wednesday but nooo she has her problems, she just can”t go out. i don”t know..but i feel like she doesnt wanna see me or something. she”s on a 1 week holiday but she prefers to stay home. oh my you”ve changed the last time we met. erm, that was 2 years ago. how people change so much, especially girls.\nand i guess she has already forgotten my b”day. i called her handphone today and the first thing she said was “sorry but i can”t make it this wednesday” erm as usual lah i acted blur and later i purposely hangup the phone just to see whether she would call me back. no. i knew she won”t. so i guess things like these happen always. \nanyway, i finally took my passport-sized picture after days of delay. instant 8 passport-sized pictures i dont know what i am going to do with the other 6 but i only need 2 for my medical check-up. i hope i can get my body to take that medical-checkup tomorrow. having to delay things really suck. i”ll feel really wasted somehow.\nmy bro went to ou, i watch finding nemo. noone was at home so ape lagi..went to mcd”s drive thru..simple but for dinner my dad bought tomyam campur, telur bungkus, sayur campur and daging masak merah. ah..we had our dinner while watching fear factor. nice stuff, watching those people eating earth worms.\nman im hungry, i wonder if i can wake up early enough to jog at the park bout waking up at 7am? lets see if that happens.\n\n20thJune is ur 17th birthday..yes i still remember your birth date. :sleep:

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