Scrapped Princess

first of all, i”ll copy & paste this anime description. its from animenfo\n\n

An abandoned princess buried into darkness right after birth, she was prophesied to destroy the world at the age of 16. This, though the truth, was forbidden to be spoken by anyone in this country. The so-called “abandoned princess” was in fact, the youngest of the three “Kasull” siblings, by the name of Pacifica.\nAssassins come forth one after another to take her life which was not supposed to be in existence. Shannon and Raquel swore to protect their sister from the wicked hands of the assassins.\nA fantasy mixed with a heart of sadness and kindness, by Sakaki Ichiro\n

\ni just watched the first episode and i thought i got the keep-anbu”s version but it turned out to be ani-kraze”s. so far there are already 7 episodes from the fs but i think in japan now its already up to episode 11. i dont know how many episodes there will be.\nso my personal review for episode 1 from ani-kraze, btw im not good at this.\nthe opening theme is not the greatest but i think i should listen to it again when i continue watching the rest of the episodes. animation is clean and nice, i dont see any cg being used inside, well maybe its just me eyes. the plot for this episode is abit slow and boring, i almost fell asleep while watching this, i could barely open my eyes as the story didnt have anything that excites me,yet. abit of joke inside. hm and thats about it. nothing much that i can comment. maybe i”ll add the comments later after watching few more episodes.\n\nthis description is from a japanese site and i got it translated using babelfish :D\n\n

When being 16 years, the world is ruined, it was predicted, was born and was buried directly to the darkness < the abolition king woman >. That is fact of the taboo where also everyone of these countries uttering hates. The refuse – the younger sister * �p�V�t�B�J of end of the Lu 3 older sister sibling is to tell the truth that < abolition king woman >. \nAiming for her life which does not have the expectation which has lived, the assassin whom it attacks one after another and comes! Shannon and the ���N�E�F�� from the hand of the demon of the assassin, the important younger sister were to do protection �� determination. \nIchiro new * Sakaki shoots, being a little sad, the a little kind �n�[�g�t���t�@���^�W�[.

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