uwahhhh finally i can get my hands on my pc back..the last 2 days i was pretty busy and my room is vacant so thats why i can barely use the pc. my relatives from all over malaysia came, most of them are from kedah, there”re also some from sabah, penang and selangor. so whats with them coming over to my house? ahh its because of my sister”s hari pertunangan was yesterday err so my relatives came on thursday and some on friday. the first to come was my maktok, paksu & family. ah my paksu likes germany the football club that is err and he kinda likes to play winning eleven and he chooses germany ofcourse. my favourite team? sweden. anyways from what i can see his daughter and son just like to play wwe & gta:vc. those kinda games are not my type coz i get bored easily playing those kinda games and i am repeating the same statement here. \r\nso the next day i had to wake up at 6.30 am and pick up my pak ngah and mak ngah from kedah at kl sentral, well not that i drive but my paksu did, i just told him the directions. i think we reached there at 7.30 am. i know they can just used the putra lrt and go to tmn bahagia cos it”s much nearer to my house but…oh well, no harm done. oh freak, im so freaking tired + sleepy right now + hot. gonna continue later or when i feel like it. :sleep:\r\nbtw everyone please click me !! :hello:\r\n-edit-\r\nokay, so my pak ngah and mak ngah came. hm..after that were my mak cik & family, pak long & family and pak tam & family. so me and my brothers had to sleep outside to give our bedrooms to our guest :happypires: pak tam slept on my room, mak cik on ridhwan”s . the night before my sister”s hari pertunangan, the six of us [me,my 2 brothers, alif, hafiz, pak su] played winning eleven. err we played in league format, each person had to play against 5 people and basically who wins the most..wins :crosseyed: ..\r\nmy first game was against hafiz, err i took sweden as always and beaten him 2-1, he was using brazil btw. next was against pak su, errm i dont quite remember but if im not mistaken it was 4-0 the score. i won again. after that was alif, err i crushed him 6-1 later was against my big bro and i lost to him [ using turkey ] and lastly the final game against my small bro, quite a tough match but i still managed to beat him coz that time it was nearly three in the morning. ^^ i won 4 matches lost 1 so who”d won the league :w00t: ? go figure.\r\nhm….what else happened? aiyoh im so blank right now. 💡 the ceremony, err goes pretty simple..people started coming at 4p.m. all the food and tables were ready. some are home cooking and some were catered from suri catering. we had crabs, satay, shrimps, pulut kuning, rendag, mee rebus, and other stuff la…really really delicious. was really tired because before that ceremony i had to carried, cleaned the tables & chairs, drove my auntie to some shop cos she had to buy something err that driving thing is not really tiring ah..not to mention vacuum the carpets & furniture. so i slept for a couple of hours after that. :?\r\nand i thought after that evening i could get a long rest err but later that night, my dad buat makan makan lagi, this time it”s streamboat. my dad”s partner organized the grilling section. maybe because at the evening it was for the family and the night for my dad”s customers? so what did we eat that night? crabs again, shrimps, all sorts of vegies, fishballs, err and some stuff that i dont know what they”re called. ate with my brother”s friends…the drinks ? can drinks :crosseyed: …alot of guests came and the plastic plates weren”t enough so we had to use our own glass plates. that whole day is all about makan makan makan. fun! on that night itself my mak cik went back to her house, well she lives nearby, 20 minutes from here by car. the next day pak long & family was the first one to pack their bags. paksu & family went back in the afternoon.\r\nalmost all of my mom”s side siblings came except 2 of her brothers. one who lives in singapore is understandable err we dont want sars here do we?\r\nah…the strawberry cake! is oishi!!!!!!!!!! gotta taste it somemore….\r\n-/edit-

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