no more delaying this time

every single day, waking up in my bedroom is like…. bZZzzzZZbZZzzz…….yeah\r\nthe sound of my cpu running + my router…oh yea my room is like a server -_-;; . cpu + modem + router… hssssssssssssttttt…..\r\nso one day..err i mean its like 2 weeks ago..i slept and for some reason i turned off my cpu and like wth~~ this is so…silent whoa…peace and quiet. aman dan tenteram rasanya ^^. so the reason i am capable of waking up early is prolly because not having a good sleep while my cpu is running …and dont forget to blame the router…what to do, if no router my brothers will surely come to my room and use my pc for internet.\r\nwoke up at 9.30 a.m and the first thing i did, turning on the monitor and checking me downloads. huh what a life. i missed watching vandread the second stage on the morning..what did i do uh at that time ? can”t remember. so…i had my early lunch err i think it was around 12 noon. thats early yeah coz i had to go to mosque for friday prayers. yaaaaa makan udang sambal tumis, ayam drummet sedap sedap….hahaha oishiiii katta….. ^^. the friday”s speech was quite short today…i wonder why coz usually we start to pray at around 2pm but today we started at 1.30pm. so at 2pm i sent my brother to school, heh my routine every afternoon …. :|\r\nwaited until 3pm …and i made my way to ss2 kelinik sOO to have my medical checkup “finally” after weeks delaying. heh i really dont know why i like to delay things so much..ish ish lazy bum..i was gonna take my medical checkup last week but nOoo..that ”kelinik” has to close at 4pm…wth~~ clinic close at 4?? scared people gonna kill the doctor ka ? anyways…paid 60 bucks for the examination..what did the doctor do ? pump some air on my left arm, checked my heartbeat and all…take my weight and height measurement…. and thats 60 bucks….doctors make money alot dont they.. and im 177cm high…. whoa did i lose height or something ? the last time i checked..i was 183cm… :blink: . so when i thought i got it all done, uh wait where”s my chest x-ray thiggy ?? err..the nurse said “no u can”t do it here, u hav to go to the damansara specialist hospital and let them to for you. it”ll cost u 30 bucks” whoa…i was like ..blehhhhhhhh why so ma fan wan…i have to go to ss2 —-> dsH

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