ugh…geez this must be one of those days where your internet connection is like shit and u feel like throwing the modem out . really…i dont feel like typing this today but bah..what the heck. i get all stressed up because of slow connection. i have this slow connection phobia . damnit!! my line used to get 30+ kB/s but now…i can”t even get 20kB/s !! but my upload speed is so high !! why is that ?? shesh..if this were happen at the united state, tmnet will surely get sued !! what kind of broadband is this eh ?? i call this broadshit lah!!\r\npeh !!\r\naint that da best ! hohoho \r\nanyhow…..enuff the rant i”ll *sigh* call tmnet again….*sigh* and wait what are they gonna say this time.\r\nthis is what happened on saturday[ 14th June 2003 ] .\r\nwoke up early, i guess and felt a little dizzy. i had only nescafe for my breakfast, didnt eat anything that morning *hungry~~* . burnt Love Hina to cds and get my brother”s video camera ready. It seemed like everything was all set but i had to pass my x-ray thiggy to the clinic first. Okie my part to get the visa is done. All i have to do now is wait, hm…by this week it should be ready.\r\ngot back home and took my bag with the cds and vidcam in it. off i go ~ ah but before that my mom gave me 50 bucks. so okie, drove to kelana jaya”s lrt station. err was lost on my way there actually…hahaha crap i hate pj and i have no sense of direction at all. i was really …had my mind all set up to take the lrt from kelana jaya and stop at klcc and park my car at kelana jaya but somehow i don”t know what”d gotten into me, suddenly i turn left and went to taman bahagia”s lrt station. oh my…what did i just do…wasted\r\nswiped my way through with mah touch n go. its been a while, but nothing has changed, the station that is. it took quite a long time to reach there…..about 30 minutes from kelana jaya to klcc. i sat all the way and never gave my sit to no one. how courteous of me. okeh after that, the only way to sg wang from klcc is by taxi….no way im gonna walk there..rm2.90 gone. the time was 1.00pm.\r\nbut the event [ cosmas ] started at 12noon. yeah i missed the opening speech hohoho big deal.\r\n-bbl-\r\nsleep now..continue later\r\n-/bbl-

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