i was suppose to go to ss2 half an hour ago to put my retainers but my stupid auto gate won”t open. how am i suppose to go there ? so i called the clinic and it”s postpone to tomorrow. this stupid no brand auto gate is totally useless. it opens slower than the manual gate. uh yeah the gate takes 30-50 seconds to fully open. \n\ngot my e-visa approved last week. 4 tickets to adelaide on the 16th july ready. bought a couple of sweaters [ did i spell that right?], hm..thermal long john..what else? oh yeah i still need that laptop. and a place to stay godemit!! \n



Type Share/House/Apartment/Unit
Description Fully/Semi Furnished, 2 bedrooms, Air-Con & Heater.\n
Rent per week $100-150
Date Arrived 16-17th of July 2003
Suburb mawson lakes or anywhere near the city\n
Postcode 5095 or anywhere near the city\n
Contact person Hisyam
Contact number +6019 3567 061\n
Contact email\n
Contact hours Anytime
No. of persons staying 2

\n\nYes !!! I need that kinda accommodation !!

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