sunday morning

its sunday morning!! err gonna be noon in a few minutes, woke up very early!!! before 8am !! coz it was so freaking cold!! yea it was raining cold and i couldnt get to sleep well with that condition…how am i gonna survive in adelaide next month ? there”s heater …make sure there is one where i”ll be staying!!\nokie my laptop is all okay now…. and the ide 2 usb hard disk…great stuff. lucky i bought it so i can bring my 80gb along..but there seems to be a problem connecting the disk to my laptop. err ..the laptop doesnt properly recognise the disk and put the disk status as foreign ?? the only way to use it is to convert to “basic” but that would mean that 80gigs of my stuff”ll be gone !! nyaahh no0o wayy…gotta burn all the stuff in the disk to cd or dvd\nconnecting the disk to pc is not a probleme though….*eh rain again* freed 12gb yesterday coz Hikaru no Go 1-47 had gone down the dvd-r. \nmom is away for…4-5 went to kuala terengganu —-> kota bharu —-> kuala terengganu —-> KL ..for *roadtrip*\nstreamyx is going well for the past 2-3 days….i can download stuff at irc without gettting timedout!! yayy!! \n\n…../me still hasnt got a permanent place to stay at adelaide..tasuketee!!!

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