life so far

heyya….wassup\r\nokay this is my first time sitting doing nothing ever since i arrived here, adelaide.\r\nas scheduled, i flew to adelaide on 16th of july…the flight was okay at first….but after like 4-5 hours the plane was like shaking for 3-4 minutes…for some reason i cant take away the images that i watched from “final destination”\r\nanyhow..the movies shown on the plane wasnt that bad…there was treasure planet, how to lose a guy in 10 days, cartoon network and other stuff…i liked watching treasure planet with japanese dubbed…it was……sugoii sugoii ^_^\r\nand and…the food,,,was really nice…no complains about em either, what can i say…This is just my second time coming to australia and the second time too im getting on the plane..heh, yea was facinated by almost everything..*great now im eating plain bread and air masak,this is the life*\r\n24/7/2003\r\nso after many hours on the plane…around 7 hours or less actually….we reached adelaide, the flight was postponed for about 10 minutes or so because they have to reach adelaide after 6…*hm….adelaide airport doesnt operate 24/7 ?? sucks*\r\njust before the plane landed….the pilot announced..” bla bla bla….the weather in adelaide currently is FOUR degress celcius!” what the hell~~ obviously i was shocked….yea the weather in malaysia is always around 30 or so celcius….from that kinda temperature and drop to FOUR …u get what i mean…guess i should”ve known that earlier..\r\nwhat can i do….my friend said the temperature is around 15 celcius…uh…lucky i have my jacket with me or else….so the four of us got out from the plane and got our bags checked and declared some stuff..nothing serious. inside the airport it was warm and cosy but just as we got out from it..the condition turned out to be very bad…it was veryyyyyy ccccoolllldddddddd……\r\nso we put our bags on a taxi….a taxi van infact because we can”t put all of our bags in a normal taxi….hellloooo adelaide ~~ and the fare..$25 *_* our first destination…saville apartment suites, hindley street. dem my bag is the heaviest..30kG!\r\n we put our bags first we stayed at a different and smaller room because the room that we booked wasnt ready, we had to wait til 12pm…so in that gap we sleep….tiredddd\r\n25/7/2003


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