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new domain !!

Yup Yup…sucks only 4 posts in a gonna make this the fifth\r\nJust got my new domain name few days back…\r\nits\r\nYup yup..k here are some boring details that you can also get from that site< < Get Hosted for free >> \r\nNO ads NO pop-ups \r\nPHP Version 4.2.3 \r\nMysql Version 3.23.53\r\nPerl Version 5.006001\r\nYour own subdomain\r\n>\r\n2mb pop3 email account\r\n>\r\nPersonal ftp access\r\nMust have a current site\r\nNO pr0n,NO mp3\r\nBlog page only\r\n][][ \r\nim still confuse with this b2evo…got my b2 posts all transfered to the new domain..\r\nthe uni had pizza eating competition this noon\r\nthe fastest guy to finish half of the pizza goes through the final\r\ni”ll take 5-8 minutes to finish 2 slices of pizza..\r\nnot that i enter the competition…the winner gets 50bucks…and yea..the pizza was free\r\nno merdeka dinner tomorrow…danG!!!\r\npostpone to 13September but the venue is still unknown.. what the heck!!\r\nlooks like im gonna spend my night at CiBo eh…\r\ncome come to :)\r\ means aoi=blue, hikari=light for those who dont know…


nope, no luck

well i tried to install b2evolution, an upgraded version of b2, but have no luck getting it to work the way i wanted..i did make it work if its a new install\nbut when i try to upgrade from b2 to b2evo…no luck\ni got these strange errors when im trying to access the admin page\ni thought the uni can upload large files..but no luck either\nceh\n\nabout yesterday…was really suppose to go to friday prayer..\nbutttttttttttt i missed the bus……….so i got in the next bus i tried my luck…\nwhen i reach the was too late..\nceh..kena qada” la…\nokaY tonite it at friend”s place..\n\nchiow chiow

money money

Adelaide is still cold and wet.
Spent alot of money this month. especially on books. I just gotta keep the book in fine condition if I want to sell it back eh. Could only bought 2 second hand books, the other 3 are all new. so expenses for the first month…rent…books…food…120gb hard disk & external casing 😀 …bills…broadband…and…bus tickets
gotta note all down so i can properly manage the money ah.
Watched the football match in Hindmarsh stadium, Malaysia v Hajduk Split and Liverpool v Casco. Under 23 teams it usual Malaysia lost with a big score line, 5-0 heh, something that’s predictable. Liverpool 3 Casco 1…Casco is a team from China but they played really well against Liverpool that day. Bah the weather was freaking cold that night!!
Have i mentioned about the first futsal match that i played here ?? Heh, we lost 9-1 😛 we lost to the last season’s champion. Who cares, coz after the first match the tournament was canceled coz there weren’t any sufficient teams in it.
I even bought my first original anime dvd here!!! Its Boogiepop Phantom 1-3, hehe im so proud~~ although I don’t really have the time to watch it..but holding the case and looking at the cover makes me feel so good.. 😛
Desc from

A scream in the night, and in that instant the world changed … or at least, it appeared to. There have always been forces in the world and voices in the night: some friendly and other malevolent. Invisible until summoned; they slide through dimensions as people walk through doorways. They wait, and watch the doings of Man closely … each for their own reasons. Sometimes, they appear … and when they do, the world changes.
Everyone knows about Boogiepop: meet her one dark night and you are taken. People tell each other the stories and laugh: no one believes that she exists in this day and age. Still, there are some strange things that appear to be going on just below the surface. Darkness takes many forms, though. Evil and good intermingle. The glass shatters. Time stands still. There is something in the darkness. You aren’t alone. Are you safe?
Five years ago, there was a string of grisly murders that shook the city to its core … and in the present, psychic echoes reverberate.

Dark and complicated stuff eh….hope i could understand the story at least. Which means i have to fork out more money to get the other 2 dvds, :crosseyed:
oH…ya there’ll be a Merdeka Dinner in Hilton Adelaide this 30th August..that’s on Saturday thank god. Heard that the food is not buffet style but more to served on table? or both?? One of the members is my ex-collegemate so its kinda easy to get the place.
Hope there’ll be nasi lemak, roti canai and stuff… :w00t:
stuff that i normally eat at the campus’s cafe are…chips,fish and chips,calamari and chips…and more chips…hohoho
and sometimes sandwich and sausage roll < — halal ^^ if at home, makan nasi goreng with potato wedges, fish fingers, pasta, indomee and stuff…kalo dah malas gile order domino’s pizza..if we have the coupons lah..that day we ordered 3 large pizzas for 19.95 hahaha…
anyhow, uni eh..can’t say its really good or its bad. Didn’t do a thing in 7 months really makes my brain rusts . even simple formulas that i can remember back then, i can’t right now. Just gotta start all over again.
Other courses are okay but the only course that i find difficult is Engineering Mechanics, its basically the same as what i learnt physics in college but its more advance?? and the lecturer that teaches that bad~~ He’s an asian, chinese or something..the way he speaks and the pronunciation..i can’t get him! really..most of the other students said the same thing as well. He assumes that we know everything and anything so he just did the simple simple question and let us do the really difficult questions. Okay yea i got the textbook but it doesn’t help, and he did give us hints for the question but ..oh well
if i can’t rely on the lecturer then i have no choice but to rely on myself and friends.. looks like the uni is really short of staff
coz he’s the only lecturer that teaches that course 😛
Anyhow..gotta go to mosque at 1pm for friday prayers and have lecture class from 3 to 5
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Jap -> Eng Translator Wanted !!

Heyya forum people, if some of you didn”t notice “AnimeMalaysia” has its own irc channel at . \r\nOn 14 August 2003, #a-m has its own xdcc bot and another one will be arriving later, which means #a-m will have 2 xdcc bots for you guys to rape. The bots are located at cyberjaya and are on 455mbps connection I think. Thanks to “ladylinux”, |sXe| and sas for contributing and not to mention the uploaders as well. \r\nCurrently am|xdcc is serving Anbu-Aone”s Naruto anime and other animes will be up later. \r\nAs some of you might know, almost all of the fansubs out there have dropped “Gundam Seed”. We, the #a-m members have discussed and have proposed to continue to fansub Gundam Seed starting episode 45. \r\nBasically, we are looking for TRANSLATORS, ENCODERS, RAW PROVIDERS & TIMERS. If we could get this project running, we will probably fansub other animes as well. \r\nAnyone who are capable of doing such please come to and message z|-sXE-|z or k|ra^yamat0 or HakuSaku or reply to this topic/entry. \r\nGo Malaysia Boleh!!

frozen throne

uih, im here at the campus, checked my mail just now and guess what. no tutorial this week, bah..what a waste of time and the water heater isn”t working again, i can”t have my shower with cold water, i”ll froze to death if i do that. the cold water is just freaking cold, put your fingers in that cold water in 10 seconds, your fingers”ll get numb for sure.\r\ngot a call from my cousin [min] her friend just got 50 free tickets to watch malaysia v liverpool this sunday, somewhere in whyalla …not sure if i”ll go there coz i still need to pay for the bus fair. <– /edit its “fare” j00f00