Jap -> Eng Translator Wanted !!

Heyya forum people, if some of you didn”t notice “AnimeMalaysia” has its own irc channel at #a-m@irc.mircx.com . \r\nOn 14 August 2003, #a-m has its own xdcc bot and another one will be arriving later, which means #a-m will have 2 xdcc bots for you guys to rape. The bots are located at cyberjaya and are on 455mbps connection I think. Thanks to “ladylinux” @fivio.com, |sXe| and sas for contributing and not to mention the uploaders as well. \r\nCurrently am|xdcc is serving Anbu-Aone”s Naruto anime and other animes will be up later. \r\nAs some of you might know, almost all of the fansubs out there have dropped “Gundam Seed”. We, the #a-m members have discussed and have proposed to continue to fansub Gundam Seed starting episode 45. \r\nBasically, we are looking for TRANSLATORS, ENCODERS, RAW PROVIDERS & TIMERS. If we could get this project running, we will probably fansub other animes as well. \r\nAnyone who are capable of doing such please come to #a-m@irc.mircx.com and message z|-sXE-|z or k|ra^yamat0 or HakuSaku or reply to this topic/entry. \r\nGo Malaysia Boleh!!

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