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AxN Anime Fest Pics!!

Venue – MidValley MegaMall Convention Centre\r\nDate – 27th September 2003\r\nTime – 12 noon – 9 evening\r\n\r\nNot a good event handled by AXN and the co”s. \r\nThe place, damn small ! It”s too crowded. There weren”t much things there.\r\nDidn”t get to see the cosplays !!\r\nGotta wait turns to enter the place !! >_< !!\r\nThey should make it at PWTC lah!!\r\nGot the Malaysian Ragnarok Online free cd. Didn”t get the poster !!\r\n\r\nStupid pictures taken. Sorry, no Cosplayers. :(\r\n\r\n\r\nRagnarok Online hits Malaysia!!\r\nRagnarok Online hits Malaysia!!\r\n\r\nRagnarok Online characters.[not the middle one]\r\nRagnarok Online characters.[not the middle one]\r\n\r\n*Huge* stage uh\r\n*Huge* stage uh\r\n\r\nNo idea who they are suppose to be as\r\nCan”t get a good picture of this. Too many people. No idea who there are suppose to be as\r\n\r\nLacus Klein and Kira Yamato isshoni\r\nLacus Klein and Kira Yamato isshoni ^^ I want that!!\r\n\r\nAthrun Zara and Cagali\r\nAthrun Zara and Cagali


more space !!

Got my 1gig of webspace few hours ago. Yup 1 gigabyte of web storage space !! Thanks to fivio. Gonna store junks there. Most probably mangas and mp3s. There won”t be enuff space to store much animes. Currently Im uploading Figure 17 – Tsubasa and Hikaru. Heard of it ? No? Coz it”s licenced. I”ll put new animes up each week or fourth night if there”s any request. Figure 17 is an 13? episode animes. Each episode is around 40 minutes. Darn, 1 file is 300mb !!\r\nIt”ll be ready in 6 hours time. My upload speed sucks.\r\nMircX is going nuts now. People attacking. Looks like people like to attack irc servers which have many anime channels in it uh?\r\nAh, if there”s someone out there that wants to help me upload stuff that I don”t have, please e-mail me.\r\nDon”t forget to get Figure 17 – Tsubasa and Hikaru yah!! The OP song rawks !!\r\n\r\n

darkness shall fall upon j00

venue – summit usj\r\ntime – 9.15pm\r\nwhut? – Darkness\r\nWatched that movie yesterday..I think ? was it yesterday or the day before?\r\n*blur*\r\neh..I can”t find any review on yahoo about that movie..could find it on gsc too.\r\nCould it be because that movie sucks so much ? Or maybe, that movie doesn”t exist at all ??? *_* , hohohoho\r\nSo the intro, shows flashback on what happened to this kid, can”t remember what his name was. He was with the other kids, in this house, its dark -_-;; ofcourse. running to get a way from something. the other kids didn”t make it. He was the only one who managed to get away from that place. So the police asked him questions, and the kid answered.. ”it”s dark, dark, so dark” something like that.\r\nSo 40 years later, somehow the same kid, all grown up, with his family shift to a new house. Guess what? It”s the same house where that kid managed to escape 40 years ago! Coincidence? Heh.\r\nAs you expect, the house got all creepy, lights turning on and off, things move by its own, hear voices, objects. Oh yea, don”t forget the rain, it happens all the night. Ah, the horror !! XD\r\nYa ya, so this girl, the daughter sense there”s definitely something wrong with the house. What did she do ? Tried to contact the previous owner, no answer, the name, address, contact number given all don”t exist. Lucky enuff to meet the house”s architect. The architect explained some stuff. Saying that house is haunted, stayed by some people doing occult stuff.\r\nThe daughter”s father has gone berserk. Finally, it”s the day, the day when the eclispe happens.\r\nIt”s abit unclear, from what I can remember, 6 of the kids 40 years ago had been slaughtered in that house. They need 7 kids slaughtered by their love ones to make the ceremony works. It can only be done on the eclispe night. 6 slaughtered kids, their body is still wondering the house, waiting for the seventh to join them. This stupid things only happen at night, when it”s dark -_-;; ofcourse.\r\nLet me wrap it up. The seventh kid, the kid who managed to escaped died and so as his family, his wife,daughter+boyfriend and son. The architect died.\r\nDarkness = 3/10 = BAKA = Dun watch

watcha gonna do??

jet lagged…\r\nokay, I watched \r\n \r\nwith Nabil, Sikyi, Eugene, Kenneth and his usual eh? The same gang.. :ÞŠWe ate at mcD just b4 the movie starts…I ate fillet o fish meal -_-;;\r\nI haven”t watched bad boys 1, so I had no idea what bad boys 2 is all about.\r\nBut I gotta say, bb2 is so damn good !! From the beginning…till the end…is all action packed!! cars, bullets & people flying. \r\nThe best part for me, I think…is when the special force ambushed the crazy cult and the 2 main characters, will smith and martin lawrence.\r\”s not ”all” action packed..where there”s will smith..there”ll always be stupid funny jokes .. HaHa..Yeah! It”s funny + intense? \r\nBullets going thru heads…. hmmmm….sweettt\r\nWatch it !! It”s wayyyyyyy better than Pirates of the Carribeans shitz\r\n*2 thumbs up* for bb2.. POTC sucks\r\nOh yea, I didn”t know my dad got his hilux already ^^ cool uh\r\n

b00 nistelr00y

\n- yeah!! u go die u fool !!\n\n\n- nistelr00y – ”let me out! let me out! spare my life!! argh!!”\n\n- nistelrooy missed an injury time penalty kick, with arsenal only 10 men, man utd can”t do anything in front of their supporters ??

saturday saturday saturday

Im not gonna go back on next week Tuesday…I’ve changed the flight date to this Saturday..that’s TOMORROW !! \nChanged the date while I was waiting to get my Motorola A920 ready.\nNow Im at the Uni”s lab… just finished the last assignment before the mid-term break begins.\n\nTonight I’ll most probably watch Bad Boys II with Nabil and the gang.\nI’ve not watched Bad Boys I though. Heh.\nArsenal lost to Inter 3-0 . What the hell ?!!! \n\nTomorrow’s flight’s at 3pm. It’s either Kula who’ll send me to the airport or I have no choice to take the cab.\n\nOh yea, I bought Boogiepop Phantom 4-6 dvd too. Im still clueless about changing the vob files to .avi.\n\nWill be back in Adelaide on the 3rd of October, hopefully.\n\n\n\n\n- me doing MATLAB assignment..who took the pic eh ?? w0ooOo00…\n\n\n\n-the city view, taken when I was in Kula’s car.\n\n\n\n- another city view, this time I got bored from waiting Kula to buy his IDD card.\n\n\n\n- there was actually a jazz band playing there. that”s my mawson lake campus. there was also people giving out free hot dogs, too bad I can’t take ’em coz it’s not properly slaughtered 😛

its mine !!

yay yay !! This phone is awesome !! marvelous !! magnificent !! sugoi !! \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLOL…laugh and I”ll kill you !!