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Yup Yup…sucks only 4 posts in a gonna make this the fifth\r\nJust got my new domain name few days back…\r\nits\r\nYup yup..k here are some boring details that you can also get from that site\r\n< < Get Hosted for free >> \r\nNO ads NO pop-ups \r\nPHP Version 4.2.3 \r\nMysql Version 3.23.53\r\nPerl Version 5.006001\r\nYour own subdomain\r\n>\r\n2mb pop3 email account\r\n>\r\nPersonal ftp access\r\nMust have a current site\r\nNO pr0n,NO mp3\r\nBlog page only\r\n][][\r\nim still confuse with this b2evo…got my b2 posts all transfered to the new domain..\r\nthe uni had pizza eating competition this noon\r\nthe fastest guy to finish half of the pizza goes through the final\r\ni”ll take 5-8 minutes to finish 2 slices of pizza..\r\nnot that i enter the competition…the winner gets 50bucks…and yea..the pizza was free\r\nno merdeka dinner tomorrow…danG!!!\r\npostpone to 13September but the venue is still unknown.. what the heck!!\r\nlooks like im gonna spend my night at CiBo eh…\r\ncome come to \r\ means aoi=blue, hikari=light for those who dont know…


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