Hell starts Mondays

Although it”s not monday today, that day still sucks. Hell starts from 12noon till 7pm !! Well, first it”s engineering mechanics lecture, that ain”t too bad, after that it”s communication and the profession lecture.. =_=;; communication ??? =/\nthe real hell… from 3-7. engineering innovation and practice. that is the time when you play with oils, drills, steel rods and stuff.\nthat is the day when you get all smelly and itchy all over.\nyour hands are filled with oil..by the time you reach home, you must”ve cursed alot.\nthat”s how engineers work don”t they. how could you become an engineer if you can”t take this kinda work?\n\nA new hostee today or was it yesterday.\neveryone go go go visit http://doomsday.aoi-hikari.net/\nher layout is great, to be honest, unlike mine..i still can”t decide what layout i should use for this page.\nsomeone suggested to make a layout that”s like a “manga”. Im not really good in designing stuff =/\nis there a b2 to MT converter out there ? all those archives at http://www.thefellowsheep.org/ will be wasted if there isn”t any.

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