3rd September 2003

Class started at 2pm today. Reached at the bus station around 1.30pm and I guess I must”ve just missed the bus. So I waited for half an hour. Bus arrived at 2pm and I almost wanted to skip class. Lucky the bus was ”fast” enough to stop me from doing so.\nThe class started at 2.10 actually, but I got there at 2.30pm so that doesn”t matter much. The lecturer was talking about Quantum Physics, Unified Field theory and stuff when he was supposed to talk about our test. There weren”t alot of people during the tutorial anyway. He blabbed about M=rxF, let me recall that, its Moment equals to position vector “cross” Force. Another method is by using M=Fd, which is Force x Distance. The difference? The first one is a vector method and the later is for scalar ??\nClass ended early as expected, half an hour early. My 2 hour bus ticket can be reused!! Yay!! Yes Im so kiasu!! Heh, no such word in dictionary.com\n\nAssignments & Tests for this week in order.\n+Math 1N 2nd Test\n+Communication and the Profession Report\n+Communication and the Profession Scenario Referencing\n+Engineering Mechanics Exam [8%]\n\nMy head is gonna burst!!! Headache!! Headache!! Because of what ?? As if I know!!


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