b2 -> MT migration success!!

Yea!! All the entries are successfully imported. Thanks to that someone who created the script !! Oh yea, it means that all of my b2 entries from www.thefellowsheep.org are now here.\r\nBye bye b2, bye bye www.thefellowsheep.org . Sayonara hitoshi hito ~~ Mada wasurenaenai anata no koto ~~ *Farewell my love ~~ I won”t forget about you ~~*\r\nCome to think about it, this template/layout ain”t that bad afterall. Plain white/peach ? Big, clear font 🙂 but no smilies. Bah, im not really that. This kinda layout”ll make the page load faster don”t you think? +Save Bandwidth, now i”m being kiasu.\r\nAnyhow, www.thefellowsheep.org is still accessable until the end of the year. Feel free to browse there as well. You never know what might happen there 😉

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