Slept at 7pm to 9pm yesterday after feeling dizzy for no reason. Ate spaghetti and panadol, got back to bed again at 10pm.\nWoke up 7.30am today coz my tutorial starts really early this time. There was a small test, if there wasn”t any, I wouldn”t had gone to the Uni. Felt freaking sick when I was on my way going to the Uni. My head feels really heavy, and hot, muscles shiver not something that every Uni students want this time this time around.\nSo I went and did the derivative test, not really hard I would say. I just hope that I”ll get good grades this time. After the test, I went and bought some sandwich and Powerade ”energy drink”. Thought that kind of drink will give me some evergy eh.\nThat time I really can”t take it anymore, I have class until 5pm but I got back home at 12noon.\n\nBecause of my lazyness, I took the bus and go straight to the city and from there I took another bus back to my place. I can just stop at halfway and walk 10 minutes to get to my place but what the heck, my body was aching all over.

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