I can”t think of a title to put for this entry. Morning started unlike any other morning. Dimpho called yesterday night saying that if I was free this 10 morning to study Engineering Mechanics with her and I blindly said ”Yeah, yeah, sure” Ofcourse at that time my brain froze and just couldn”t talk so much. Thought about what she said for awhile and….Nah!! Forget it, my back still aches and my head was still feeling kind of heavy although I did take a couple of Panadols and got up at eight in the morning.\r\nGot up and went to the kitchen and found almost nothing to eat for breakfast. Lucky there was still some cereal left and milk?? *nada* \r\nShower – bought milk – cereals – vanilla coke – snacks and ?? can”t recall, heh.\r\nManaged to catch the 2.30pm bus to Mawson Lakes. Body still shaking. Is it because I get too much of sleep ?? or because I drink less water??\r\nWhatever it is, Im drinking more skyjuice now… =)\r\nSo the exam started from 3.40 ?? ended at 5.40pm 4 questions 1 bonus question. Not really that easy coz I didn”t really have time to study when my condition is still like this. The thing is, the night that my lecturer said ”Please make sure that none of your friend will get sick this friday” , I got sick. Coincidence? Only God knows.\r\nSomething else I want to add?? Oh yeah, my clothes and Nabil”s stink. My socks stink. My bedroom stink. \r\nNabil cooked the chicken so freaking salty. It was so freaking salty that I only took a little piece of it. Did the rice taste salty too ?? ^^\r\nAfter ”finished” eating, my plate just got off from my grip, coz I acciedently knocked the fridge. *PLANG* 1 plate gone. \r\nThat”s Life!

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