A picture shows a thousand word

[edit] This should be in the anime category, why didn”t I think of that[/edit]\r\nI don”t know if this should be in the art category or in the wir3d but since I don”t have an art category I”ll just put in in wir3d. What am I gonna talk now maybe has nothing to do about the geeky technology or the internet or stuff like that. What Im about to say is about my ”background” picture. Yup, its Shuji and Chise. Im not trying to be proud of ”my” background or something, it”s just that everytime, everytime that I open my page and see that picture, I”ll always smile, always. \r\nPeople might think it”s ecchi, its dirty, its pr0n. Why are they so narrow-minded ? Beats me. I just love that pic ! Well, Im not the best in describing but what I can say is that picture shows strength, sadness, love, fear, trust, sincerity and God knows what other stuff it may be.\r\nJust look at how Shuji holds Chise. By putting his left arm on Chise”s back and his right on Chise”s head, that”s total protection ! Yea although Chise is much more powerful than Shuji in the story but its what the thought that counts. Not to mention that Shuji also puts his head down on Chise”s. What else of protection can you give to a girl with your body if it isn”t that way ??\r\nNow Chise”s is putting both of her hands on Shuji”s chest. Now just look at how loyal and trusty she is to Shuji. She trusts Shuji with all her heart for God”s sake !! She”s putting her hands there just to make sure that Shuji is still with her, to make sure that Shuji is still alive so just that she can feel Shuji”s heartbeat. I don”t really know what else to say but by just looking at how Chise sleeps, the only thing that i could think of is that she feels really comfortable and secured just by being with her Shuji. Oh yeah, Chise”s wearing Shuji”s shirt.\r\nThats my meaningless rant for today. Just remember to appreciate art especially if its Saikano.

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