Im beginning to understand how it all started

Yatta yatta!! I feel abit better, I think I really feel alot better now, Alhamdulillah. Class today started at 9 morning, the only day that I have to wake up really early. It”s the only day that I have class that starts at 9 morning, other days it”ll be 11,12,2,3. My head and body feel okay rite now. Just that my flu and my cough is still trying to spread it to others. It”s okay, with my cough syrup and vitamin C everything should be okay..I hope.\r\nGot my math test paper this morning. wasn”t THAT bad as my first test, but it wasn”t that good either. Was hoping to get better marks but that day was my sickest day last week and the mistakes was all due to my carelessness,,how was I suppose to know I put the wrong sign -_-;;\r\nHanded up mah report too, and I was the chairman and the secretary because I didn”t come last week, so I had to do those two at once. Hm, that report was actually a draft so that means the final one still must be done.\r\nMathlab, Mathlab…it”s something like the graphic calculator that I have. So Im with this group, two repeaters, another one is the same as me, first year and he was from ADP and me. LOL How good can it be -_-;; The Mathlab assignment is due next week and we are 4/5 done. The last question is the hardest with alot of section to do.\r\nKula and William came to my house after the Mathlab class. I got out first but they got to my house earlier -_-;; Bah people with cars and I”m still stuck with the bus. I”m not complaining :P. I don”t actually know the reason they came but Kula just wanted my Maths note. It was with me when we were in the Uni, why didn”t he ask earlier?? My place smells like I don”t know what. Most probably it”s because of the laundries and this place has no freaking window that we could open and let the air get in! That the only terrible part.\r\nAnyhow anyhow, tomorrow if nothing goes wrong, I”ll be going to the city after my class finishes at 5. Heard from William that Munirah? is doing a house warming party tomorrow. So like what the heck, I wanna go too coz there ain”t anything better to do in this place.\r\nTonight”s dinner is quite something….rice + ayam masak merah + daging berlada ? =)\r\nMy mom, dad, sis and bro is at penang/kedah right now distributing invitation cards ??


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