Another day is just what I need

Its 4.30 in the morning and Im still awake !! Just got back from my friend”s place in the city actually. What was I doing there again? Oh, I was suppose to go with my friend to his friend home warming party but I didn”t go. There goes my chance to socialize -_-;;\nRather than going there, I went to watch Pirates of the Carribean with Nabil and my other 3 friends. We went to watch the 8.30pm show.\nThis is my first time watching movie in an Adelaide”s cinema. The place is freaking huge. There isn”t much layered sitting like in Malaysia and the screen is SO wide !! Apparently, the strangest thing is, there was only like less than 50 or 60 people watching ! Compared to the space available which is like 200 or more.\nThe show is alright if it wasn”t Johnny Depp playing as the crazy Captain Sparrow.\nAh,me and Nabil ate Chicken Rice just before the show while waiting for Sikyi and Eugene.\nAfter the movie we went straight to Cibo and then to Eugene”s house. Played Monopoly and I won !! Hahahaha, cool, Sikyi was second, Eugene third, Nabil declared bankrupt. :P\n[edit] I uploaded Saikano”s side story which is “Love Story, Killed” . It has nothing to do with the original Saikano story but it has the same drawer and the same theme as Saikano which is war. Enjoy ;)\n[/edit]

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