Fiesta Merdeka 2003 !!

w00tz !!! Finally, we got to go to the merdeka dinner. Held at West Lake Palace. It was so far from the city, lucky we got a free transportation to go there. Me and Nabil went to the city first to Sikyi”s place. \r\nThree of us, me, Nabil and Eugene wore baju melayu. Me wearing a dark red, Nabil light blue, Eugene was wearing the green one, it was mine anyway.\r\nReached there at around 4pm and rushed to City West campus, thanks to David. At first Hamizah said that the bus will arrive & go to West Lake Palace at 5.30pm but actually the ”bus” arrived at 6pm >( . The bus is actually a van. -_-;;\r\nAnyway it fits us all so who cares. There was this girl, from the time we got into the van until we reach West Lake Palace, she was blabbering non-stop !! She was damn annoying + irritating !! In fact, when we got back from West Lake to City, she didn”t stop either !! Grrr…!! I can”t even listen to my MD >( . Anything lah\r\nBack to the merdeka dinner. The place, we thought it was a hotel or something, but its just a normal restaurant, owned by a Malaysian Chinese. Okay okay, the food, the first dish was roti canai a.k.a malaysian pan-cake LOL !! with beef rendang/gulai ?? After that, we had white rice with fishes? I don”t know what was the fish dish called, fried fish maybe ? Later, we had Mee Goreng, Mixed Vegies and Bubur kacang hitam ?? and NO NASI LEMAK !!! The drinks, sky juice and coke.. -_-;; Where”s my teh tarik ??!!\r\nThere was a couple of performances, someone sang ”Belaian Jiwa” and there was an Australian band singing I don”t know what, but their song wasn”t too bad. And to lift our patriotism we sang NEGARAKU, KERANAMU MALAYSIA, JALUR GEMILANG and Sudirman”s Tanggal 31 ….w00hoo00!! That was fun !! =/\r\nOh yeah, I met the girl at Hindmarsh Stadium yesterday, we were in the same table. The thing is, we were in the same primary & secondary school and she stays at the same place where I stayed last time but we never knew each other. Heh, she”s going back this September, I can barely remember her name but she got my celcom number, but I don”t know hers. \r\nThe story ends there coz I balik at 10.40pm…… the end


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